8 Great Pieces of Advice To Help Plan a Two Storey House

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Double-storey home designs are becoming more and more popular, especially for those with smaller lots. This design looks magnificent, but it also allows for more living space and separation in your home.

Double storey house designs allow you to save some money by purchasing on a smaller block and give you the chance to have more floor space in a smaller space. The “build-up” option gives you endless design opportunities and options that you do not have with single-storey houses

To help you get started on your home-building journey, here are eight design tips to consider when planning your dream double storey home.

Consider Your Current and Future Needs and Lifestyle

Unsurprisingly, the first step to creating your dream double storey home is to think about what works for you. Think about the needs of those living on the property and how you like to spend your leisure time.

Keep your future in mind and envision your expectations for the years to come. For young families, this might mean considering the teenage years and the need for a private retreat for parents and children.

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Or perhaps accessibility and mobility for your elder years. With strategic design, a double storey home is very much for everyone.

Be Strategic About Your Layout

One of the benefits of double storey home designs is that the design can be tailored to fit your needs perfectly. However, the size of your land, lifestyle and budget will influence your final decision.

A two storey house allows you to separate your bedrooms from your living space, which is great for families. The design means your dream home will have a smaller footprint, maximizing your outdoor space.

Depending on where you are located, the second floor may provide a great view which could increase your property value!

Select An Open Floor Plan

Instead of opting for a number of separate rooms on your ground level, create open plan living. An open kitchen, dining and living area will make your space look and feel far bigger.

If you have an entertainment area at the back of your home, these open rooms will create seamless flow throughout your house.

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Make Your Stairs the Main Attraction

The inclusion of a staircase in your home gives you the advantage of creating a spectacular design feature that you simply do not have with single storey homes.

You can choose the materials your staircase can be made of, the kind of balustrade you have and your colour schemes. You can use space under your stairs to create more storage space, and who doesn’t want more storage space?

Let There Be Light and Keep Your Cool

Ample windows are a definite must for your double storey home as they create beautiful natural light and ensure your home is efficiently ventilated. Be sure to position them properly.

Remember that hot air rises, so climate control in your double storey home comes with different considerations than in a single storey house. A good idea is to add insulation between the different layers to help minimize energy loss.

The height of your floor joist can be increased for the inclusion of an air-conditioning system. With any home building, it is important to consider these things early on in the planning phase because it isn’t always easy to make these changes once you are done with your construction.

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Choose Your Builder Wisely

The right builder can make your home building journey a breeze. It is crucial that you check their credentials and experience building double storey houses. If they have a display home, you can look at, nothing beats seeing their work firsthand!

Spare a Thought for Your Outdoor Space

Double storey designs will allow you to build up and open more space for your garden, pool or even an outdoor entertainment area.

The Master Suite Retreat

A lavish master bedroom, hidden from the living area and other bedrooms, provides a tranquil retreat away from the chaos of daily life.

Once you make your way up the stairs, you can completely escape from the madness down below! Position your master bedroom wisely, take advantage of any available views, and add a balcony for fresh air and morning coffee. The opportunities never end!

The Bottom Line

For most, building a two-storey home is a huge financial decision, and it allows families to maximize their space through vertical construction when they do not have a large land block.

Embracing the process and considering the eight pieces of advice above can go a long way in maximizing your space while having fun doing it.

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