Eco-friendly Yin-Yang House by Brooks + Scarpa


The Yin-Yang House is a single-family home located in Venice Beach, California, which was designed by Brooks + Scarpa.

This is a home for a large and growing family with children, meant for living but also for entertaining and welcoming teenagers that want to socialize with friends.

The indoor spaces connect perfectly with the outdoors, the entire home being organized around many courtyards. Looking from the street, the house seems to be very solid but as you pass the entry courtyard, the property reveals its fragility because of all the greenery surrounding it.

A formal contribution to the design of the structure is given by the scale manipulation, consisting in the fact that from the back, the residence seems to be a single-story volume, illusion supported by the scaled master bedroom window and the outdoor steps which when animated with people shows the fact that is a two-storey home.

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the house because it’s an open space that allows the chef, who is the owner, to chat with his friends while cooking.

The owners preferred the bedrooms to be smaller in order to have larger public spaces. This home is an eco-friendly building, featuring a green roof, bamboo interior, composite stone, tile countertops, bathroom finishes which are recycled and a solar photovoltaic panel system that provides even shade from the sun in order to protect the house from becoming overheated.

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