Spring Maintenance List for Your Home

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Heather Jones
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As the days start to warm up and the last of the snow and slush melt into the ground, it’s time to work on your spring home maintenance list. After a long winter, your home will need to be inspected for damage and prepared for the spring and summer seasons. Taking care of spring maintenance is crucial for keeping your home looking great and staying secure.

Your spring maintenance list may seem challenging, but if you split up your duties into a few things each weekend, your property will be ready for the nice weather before you know it. Always be careful with tasks that require you to go up a ladder, or deal with plumbing. If you aren’t sure what you are doing regarding your pipes and outdoor water systems, it’s best to call in a plumbing company to give you a hand.

From cleaning out your gutters to repairing cracks in your driveway, there are many chores to take care of in the spring. Get out in the sun, put on your rubber boots and a good pair of gloves, and get to work. Let’s take a look at a list of essential spring maintenance chores for your home. 

Gutters and Downspouts

Winter snow and storms can wreak havoc on your roofing systems, including your gutters and downspouts. In the early spring, as the snow melts, you will have a lot of water being diverted off your roof. If your gutters are clogged with debris and leaves, they could end up causing leaks and moisture buildup under your shingles which could lead to structural damage. 

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Cleaning your gutters can be a precarious job. You should always have a helper with you when you need to use a ladder around your home. Using a pail and a good set of gloves to protect your hands, clean all the dead leaves and debris from your gutters. Check your downspouts to ensure that they are secured properly to your home and are directing water flow away from your foundation.

Hook Up the Garden Hose

Spring is a great time for planting flowers and cultivating your garden. You will need to get your hose and hook up your exterior water systems. Check your faucets for cracks and signs of aging. Hook up your hose and test your system for leaks.

Roofing Inspection

Harsh winter storms, ice build-up, and heavy snow can take a toll on your roof. Once all the snow has melted off your roof in the spring, it’s time to get up on the shingles and do a closer inspection. If you are nervous about getting on your roof, you can always call in a local roofing contractor to help you do a simple inspection. Once you are safely up on your roof, you should look for these signs of damage:

  • Loose shingles
  • Curling shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Moss or algae
  • Granules in your gutters
  • Peeling paint
  • Leaks and cracks
  • Damaged flashing
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If you find any of these signs of wear and tear, you should take care of the simpler repairs right away. If you allow your roof to have spots that are susceptible to moisture, you could end up with an expensive repair bill.

Sprinkler Inspection

If you have a sprinkler watering system, the spring is the right time for a thorough inspection. You likely bled out your lines in the fall to preserve them during the winter freeze. Turn on your watering system, and let it run for a bit of time. Make sure that all of your faucets, seals, and exposed pipes are in good shape. Run your system for a few hours and keep an eye out for any pooling water at the surface that could indicate a perforation in the underground system. If you spot any problems with your system, you should call your contractor in for an inspection and repair. 

Tidy the yard

Spring is the perfect time to clean up your yard. Clear away the dead leaves, debris, and scattered litter. Empty the potted plants that didn’t survive the winter season. Do a walkthrough to ensure that there are no remaining holiday decorations. 

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Repair Cracks

Slipping and sliding on wintery pathways is just as treacherous as navigating a pitted and cracked driveway. If you have an asphalt or concrete driveway or walkway to your home, the winter weather can do a lot of damage. With the winter’s continual freezing and thawing cycles, your driveways and walkways will expand and shrink several times, making them susceptible to cracking. Cracks in your outdoor surfaces can create an uneven surface which can cause trip and fall accidents. 

After the final frost, it’s a good idea to inspect your asphalt and concrete pathways and driveways for cracks early in the spring. Call in a contractor to fill the cracks or DIY the project in just a few hours. 

HVAC Service

As the temperatures start to rise, it won’t be long before switching your furnace over to your air conditioning unit. To help keep your home comfortable during hot summer days, you want your HVAC system to work efficiently. 

You should inspect your furnace and outdoor AC unit for wear, damage, and functionality in the spring. You should be changing out your system filters in the spring, and you may need to have your ducts cleaned. You can call in a service technician to fully inspect your system if you are not comfortable taking care of it yourself. 

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Check Screening

If your windows and doors have screening, you will be anxious to open up your windows in the spring to let in the fresh air. Before you create a refreshing cross breeze through your home, you will need to inspect the condition of your screening. Make sure that there are no rips in your screening that could create a danger to your domestic animals or allow pests to enter your home. 

We all enjoy the coming of spring after a long cold winter. Now is the time to get outside and start marking off your spring maintenance list. Follow these tips to help you prepare your home for the summer season. 

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