Types of Window Screens

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The bright sunlight creates unwanted glare in warm climates, and the warmth makes house owners uncomfortable. The best way to make your house comfortable is by reducing the incoming light, and cutting costs in warm months. 

Solar screens reduce the sunlight through our windows and are becoming increasingly common. These windows are available in different types, spoiling homeowners for choice. 

Window screens have more benefits besides improving your home’s aesthetical look, and they keep bugs away from your house. They also act as protective barriers against allergens, pollen, and dust. Let us dive right into the types of window screens. 

Fiberglass Window Screens

Fiberglass is one of the most popular Quality Window Screens and is mainly used in commercial properties and homes. The main features of this window screen are that it does not rust, stain, or corrode. 

However, the fiberglass window screen is not as durable as aluminum, and it stretches with time. Many sizing options and styles are available for homeowners to pick from, and their screen mesh is tiny and allows natural light in. 

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Other smaller options are available but are not efficient for allowing wind into your house. 

Solar Window Screens

Solar window screens are mainly found on pool decks, patios, or a house’s side in warm places. These screens’ main purpose is to prevent sunlight entry, absorb heat, lower conditioning costs, and ensure maximum privacy. 

These features are excellent but reduce natural light by 50%. Solar screens are good choices if you live in warm places or if the heat is stronger near your place. 

Aluminum Window Screens

Aluminum window screens are made using a thin metal nesh and are more susceptible to dents. These screens are more durable and expensive than fiberglass, but their features make them a fan favorite. 

Aluminum window screens are available in many colors and sizes, spoiling homeowners for choice. They have an excellent appearance and last longer. 

Security and Privacy Window Screens

Most people mistake aluminum screens for security screens because they almost look similar. Security screens are stronger and thicker, and they withhold big impacts when needed. These screens are pry-proof, and you can clean them easily. 

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Security and privacy window screens are available in different varieties and sizes, and your choice depends on your preference. These windows are fit for protecting your home’s front door or commercial property. They are more expensive but worth your money. 

Specialty Window Screens

Specialty window screens are pet resistant and are designed to fit all window sizes. These screens are durable since they are made using heavy-duty polyester. 

Specialty window screens are ideal for dog owners. 

Retractable Window Screens

Retractable window screens have become more popular in recent years since they have the best combination of a storm window and screen. The screen is pulled when in use and retracts after use. 

Final Thoughts

Window screens are gaining popularity today, and it is hard not to see why. They have many benefits and are available in many forms.  The above article has discussed some types, and you should feel free to reach out for more. 

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