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Over the last few years, several new ceiling fans from existing as well as newly introduced brands have hit the market.  Though this gives customers a wide range of buying options, it has also made the fan buying process very confusing. Many customers are confused about which fan is the best for their homes and offices. We, therefore, decided to come up with this post that talks about the points one must keep in mind to select the right ceiling fan. So let’s get started without any more hum and haw.

1. Select a ceiling fan that offers adequate cooling.

The first and foremost reason for buying a ceiling fan is to keep our homes and offices cool. You should, therefore, look for a fan that provides adequate cooling. Compare different fans on the basis of their air delivery. The air delivery is measured in CMM (Cubic Meters Per Minute) and the higher the air delivery, the more the cooling. Also, it is important that you select the right fan size which in turn depends on the size of the room. Some other factors that impact air delivery are – fan speed, blade shape, size and number, and similar others.

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2. Look for a fan that complements your home decor.

Gone are the days when ceiling fans were just another electrical appliance. Today, ceiling fans play an important role in a home’s decor. As the trend of false ceilings and designer walls continues to rise, ceiling fans are regarded as the focal point of home and office decor. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to choose a fan that goes with your home or office decor. The good thing is that reputable brands such as Luminous India have introduced several designer ceiling fans that can accentuate the look and feel of any space. Some of their popular ceiling fan ranges that you can choose from include – Aspiration Range, Signature Collection, Designer Efficient Ceiling fans, and more. 

3. Make sure the ceiling fan is energy efficient.

Energy efficiency is a very important factor that one must consider when looking for a ceiling fan. That’s because the standard ceiling fans that consume high energy are not only adding to the hefty energy bills, but they are also impacting our environment as excess energy consumption leads to environmental issues such as the greenhouse effect. You can look for BEE Rated energy-efficient fans that consume up to 50% less energy as compared to a standard ceiling fan. If you want to buy an energy-efficient ceiling fan that not only helps you save energy but also complements your home or office decor then you can consider buying the New York Chelsea from Luminous India. It is a modern-looking, sleek, stylish fan. In case you want to go with an energy-efficient fan that gives a royal touch to your home or office space then you can go with Luminous India’s Jaipur Tamra.

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4. Compare different fans on the basis of their features.

Different fan models offer different features. Once you have shortlisted a few fans based on their air delivery, energy efficiency, and design, check what features each fan has to offer. Don’t just buy a ceiling fan just because it offers too many features. Instead, buy a fan that offers features that you need. The latest smart fans, for instance, come with a unique control feature that allows users to control fans with the help of remote control, smartphone, or virtual voice assistant. These fans bring convenience at the users’ fingertips. Similarly, there are fans that offer integrated LED light features that help in uniform illumination of the space where you install the fan. Also, reputable brands like Luminous India have introduced a Whisper Series that features several silent fans that help experience pin-drop silence and a relaxed environment.

Just as importantly

Most people, when they buy a ceiling fan, choose one on the basis of its price. We suggest that instead of focusing on price, focus on the value that the fan has to offer. For example, an energy-efficient fan may cost a few hundred rupees more than a standard fan but the value it offers, in terms of energy efficiency, is something that one would realize when they bring one home. And last but not least, the brand is another important factor that one must consider when looking for a ceiling fan. We always recommend our readers to go with established brands like Luminous India because they have a wide network and a huge base of satisfied customers which tells you how credible they are. 

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