Do This 9 Things When A Pipe Breaks In Your Home

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A pipe burst is one of the common plumbing issue you are likely to face in your home. When your pipe break, it can have an adverse impact. Particularly if the breaking point is in sensitive areas, a delay in fixing the issue can lead to a huge loss.  

For this reason, you need to know what to do when a pipe breaks at your home. Though you will need to call a plumber from AllDay Plumbing or another reputable company, the impact of the broken pipe can be extensive before they arrive. 

Fortunately, you can do some ‘first aid’ to the pipe as you wait for the plumber. Here are seven things you can do when you pipe burst unexpectedly:

Shutoff the supply valve

The first thing you do immediately you notice a pipe burst is to turn off the water flow. Your pipes are likely to break during the winter season. As you know, water freezes during this period. The result of this freezing is building up of pressure. 

The extensive pressure becomes unbearable to the normal pipe. Hence, your pipe bursts particularly at the weak points. When you experience a pipe bust due to freezing or excess water pressure, the first step should be stopping the flow. Head on to the supply pipe valve and shut it off. 

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Turn on the taps

After shutting the valve, the next thing you should do is to turn on the taps. The action will help in releasing the pressure inside the pipe. Easing this pressure will avoid further breaking. If the pipe has numerous taps and faucet connected to it, you should consider turning them on. This way, you will relieve all the pressure on the pipe as you await for the plumber to come. 

Cut the broken part

If you have some basic plumbing skills, you can move on to cutting the damaged part. You should ensure you have drained the pipe before moving to the cutting task. 

When sure that no water is flowing, take a pipe cutter and cut off the damaged area. You should only do so if the area is 1 inch or more and on both sides. 

Contact your plumber

Now, the first aid phase is over. You need to call a plumber hills district to fix the pipe. Never try to fix the broken pipe unless you have some experience on the task. Working with a plumber will help you get professional services. 

Also, a plumber will advise you on the best way to avoid frozen pipes during cold season. So, you can consider calling AllDay plumbing or other reputable plumbing leak repair provider to help you handle the task. 

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Mop up the mess

As you know, the broken pipe can cause flooding and mold walls. The water can encounter the electric wires or even flow to your electronics. If the break point is on the ceiling, the issue can cause extensive damages.

So, as you a wait for the plumber to arrive, you need to clear the mess before it does some damages. Mop up the water on the floor and wipe ones flowing by the walls. This action will prevent soaking and moldy formation that can lead to detrimental damages.  

Switch on the fan heater

Certainly, the cold water makes your rooms cold and humid. You need to warm them up to avoid mold growth that can result to awful smell. Turn on your heater and blow the heat to these rooms using a fan. 

If freezing was the cause of the pipe burst, you need to melt the ice inside these pipes. So, take a hair dryer and blow them. Do not turn of your faucets while performing this task. This way, you will avoid future bursting after repairing your pipes.  

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Open the doors and windows

Refresh your rooms after repair and let warm air flow to them. After the repair of the broken pipes, the next thing you should do is to open your doors and windows. This will enhance warm air flow into the room and heat up the pipes. Also, it will prevent mold formation by drying up your interior spaces.

Insulate your pipes

The winter season in an annual occurrence. If you do not take a step, you will have to fix broken pipes each winter. The best way to do this is by insulating your pipes to save them from freezing. 

You can insulate the pipes using pieces of rubber. Also, you can consider wooden pieces and clamping it. The wood help to spread out water pressure and save you from pipe burst. Also, consider other ways of insulating your pipes to avoid bursts during winter season. You can consult AllDay Plumbing or a plumber near you for pipe insulation services.

Clean the debris

Is the plumber done with the fixing process? You can now have some peace of mind. Your plumbing system will get back to its functionality.  However, you are not through with your task. 

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The repair process leaves some debris on your floor. You need to clean these debris to make your house tidy. Swipe the flow to remove the pipe and repair material wastes. If there are some water left on the area or dripping on the walls, consider wiping it. This way, you will keep your rooms clean and prevent mold formation.

Wrapping up

In a word, pipe bursts are a likelihood incident in your home. An increase in the water pressure or freezing during winter area the main causes of water burst. When your pipe bursts, it can lead to massive damages in your house. For this reason, you need to take action before the effect is extensive.

First, turn off the mains valve to stop the flow. Then, turn on the faucets and taps to relieve extra pressure. You can also cut the damage part. As you await for the plumber, mop up the area to avoid flooding. 

Remember to insulate your pipes before the winter season to save them from bursting. So, now you know what to do when your encounter a pipe burst in your home. 

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