5 Things to Look for in a Luxury Apartment

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Luxury is a hard thing to define but is easy to identify. You know it when you see it. We often think of luxury as excess. Yet everyone prefers the luxury option when they can get it. Given the option at the same price, everyone would choose the option that seems more luxurious to them.

Matters of luxury are not the sole domain of any item or category. There is a luxury option for just about everything. Consider the following list:

  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Homes
  • Computers
  • Smartphones
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Dishes and flatware
  • Pets

There are so many luxury categories that it is likely you own at least one item or subscribe to some service considered luxurious by someone else. We must never equate luxury with wastefulness, excess, style over substance, vanity, or haughtiness. It should be associated with exacting standards, quality, elegance, and desirability. These are all qualities you should look for in a luxury apartment. Here are a few others:

1. Furniture Not Required

One of the most appealing ways to show off a residential property is to have it staged with highly curated furnishings that appeal to the senses. When you tour a staged property, you immediately envision yourself living there. In fact, you inwardly wish you could move in right then and there in that lavishly furnished home.

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A luxury apartment complex offers the availability of furnished apartments. There are apartments for rent in Montgomery you can reserve today in some of the most prominent cities in the world that are already furnished and move-in ready. They also have everything from flatware to toiletries. All you have to do is show up with your clothes and live your life.

Compare that experience to moving into an empty apartment, sitting on the floor, and waiting for movers to come in with at least most of your items. You take the next couple of weeks to completely unpack and wait for new furnishings to be delivered by a retailer. No matter how much you paid to move into that apartment, it will feel a little less luxurious without the well chosen and well placed furniture.

2. Smarter Things

Until recently, houses have been the sole domain of smart things. Times have changed. As with luxury homes, connected devices are being made with apartments in mind. Lighting is one of the easiest things to make a little smarter. It used to be a pretty arduous process. Now, you can get all-in-one smart lights that can be installed in less than two minutes. You will not have to hunt for a drill. Smart lights are apartment-friendly

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3. Location, Location, Location

There was a time when you didn’t find a lot of apartments in luxury zip codes. Today, young people are not dreaming of a traditional house. They are more than happy with apartment living. That doesn’t mean they want to give up the luxury of a great location. A breathtaking view is still high on the list of desires. The location must be clean and safe. It also has to have easy access to shopping. In a beach town, a great location includes easy access to the water. Even with apartments, location is still the key factor.

4. All the Extras

Amenities are the lifeblood of luxury apartments. The amenities tenants look for in a property are the same for houses and apartments. Luxury apartments get the same updated kitchens and accents. They get walk-in closets. They get access to swimming pools, athletic courts, and gyms with high-end equipment. Your apartment is missing key features without luxury amenities.

5. Concierge Services

One of the great apartment features most houses don’t have is concierge services. This is a package of services including secure handling of packages and deliveries, conference room access, office and fax service, and the like. At the end of the day, personal service is the greatest luxury of all.

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The key takeaway is whether we are talking about furnishings, smart home automation, location, amenities, or special services, we are talking about luxury living. The fact that it is multi-family vs. single family housing no longer makes a difference.

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