Classy Blue Penthouse In Shanghai, China

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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As one of the most impressive apartments in Shanghai, China, the Blue Penthouse was sketched out by Dariel Studio and impresses with a generous living area of 4,305 square feet. The apartment was tastefully decorated and features numerous of amenities that have the potential to support a comfortable and carefree lifestyle for its lucky owner.

The entire abode gives off a sense of modernism and elegance at the same time. Large dining tables, comfortable sofas and amazing king-sized beds are just some of the highlights of this magnificent penthouse, but the spacious bathrooms with their transparent walls and large bathtubs are also worth a mention. There’s even an interior staircase that connects the 2 distinct levels of this unique home, which means that the private and living areas are efficiently separated.

See it all for yourself by browsing through the following images. Amazing, isn’t it?

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