Modernly Elegant 4 In 1 House In Murcia, Spain


As its name suggests, the incredible 4 In 1 House distinguishes itself from its peers due to the fact that it offers 4 distinct ways of enjoying life. However, due to its incredible exterior design, it is quite hard to distinguish between the 4 areas at a glance, but that’s just another thing that makes this residence so special. Built on a prime location in Murcia, Spain, the 4 In 1 House was finished in 2013 and was sketched out by Clavel Arquitectos.

The 4 different sections of the house are categorized according to their purpose: leisure, living, autonomous living and guest living. The leisure areas can be found at the basement levels and include a car park, a swimming pool as well as a series of skylights and patios. The ground floor, with its C-shaped concrete layout comprises the main living areas. A gorgeous cantilevering canopy acts as a buffer between the indoor and outdoor spaces, both of which can be used for relaxation and socialization purposes. A special stacked glass volume acts as the autonomous living area and can be found within the C-shaped concrete piece we mentioned before.

This volume features its own private entrance and is able to function autonomously, hence its name. Finally, the guest living quarters involve another C-shaped unit that functions in a similar manner to a private hotel. This area boasts splendid views of the nearby forests and benefits from ample sunlight due to its convenient orientation towards the east.

Photos by David Frutos-Ruiz

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