Getting Rid of Dog Smell in a Home

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When you are preparing to list your home and have buyers see it in person, you want to make sure there are no funny smells lingering about it. Walking into a home with a not-so-pleasant smell can be an instant turn-off for many. If you have a beloved furry family member, you might be wondering how you can get rid of the lingering pet smell in your home before people come to tour it.

What is Causing the Odor in the First Place?

Something that will help you to get rid of the smell is to understand where it is coming from in the first place. The website PetMD suggests that a dog’s skin produces an oil that’s an important part of a healthy animal, but it has a distinct odor. Regular bathing and grooming help to keep this natural scent to a minimum but sometimes it is not enough to completely rid your home of the smell. At this point, you might want to check in with your dog’s vet to see if there is a bigger issue going on.

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Here are some useful strategies for getting rid of dog smell inside your home

Once you have found the source of the smell and eliminated it or helped to keep it under control it is time to go through your home and clean all the areas that are still holding on to those funky smells.

One way to keep dog smells at bay within the surfaces of your home includes implementing a routine. This can include vacuuming dog beds once a week, washing dog beds every other week, vacuuming your floors twice a week depending upon the type of dog and how often it sheds, washing hard floors such as tile and hardwoods with a strong cleaning solution, and using a cover on furniture that dogs are allowed to utilize as well as washing that cover once a week.

Some natural cleaning products that are safe for pets and humans

When it comes to cleaning products and cleaning the areas that your pet loves to hang out in you want to make sure you are using a natural product that is safe for both you and your pet to come in contact with. One of the best odor neutralizers that are safe to use is baking soda you can sprinkle it over the area your dog hangs out and allow it to sit for several minutes or several hours to soak up and neutralize any smells and then vacuum it away.

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Another safe cleaning option is something some households already have in their liquor cabinet, vodka. It will remove dog smells as it evaporates. Spraying it on areas three times a week helps to keep odors from overtaking your home. It is much like a pet-friendly version of Febreze.

When it comes to pets you want to keep them around because they are often the most joyful and loving family members. With these cleaning tips, you can continue to provide a comfy space for your pets while also creating a very clean and pleasant atmosphere for potential buyers that come by at a moment’s notice. (Just make sure that your pets are out of the way for in-person showings.) You can get your home smelling so fresh that someone would be surprised a pet even lives there.

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