Harborview Hills Mansion in Newport Beach, California

Harborview Hills Mansion In Newport Beach, California

Harborview Hills is a beautiful contemporary mansion situated on a quiet street in Corona del Mar neighborhood, in Newport Beach, California, USA.

Laidlaw Schultz Architects designed this unique and comfortable house for a growing family. The owners did not want to isolate the property between massive, tall walls, therefore only a simple line separates private from public. Once entering the courtyard through a woven-steel panel gateway, one is pleasantly surprised by the view of the crystal clear pool, the exterior fireplace, the continuous fountain that creates a soothing atmosphere, and the panel of green that offers a beautiful visual impact contrasting with the blue of the water.

Sliding glass doors eliminate the boundary between the inside and the outside spaces, turning the house into a vast outdoor pavilion. The colors and materials used for the interior design complete each other creating a sophisticated balance: lacquered cabinetry, painted brick walls, aged wood floors, and stark white walls.

Harborview Hills Mansion in Newport Beach, California

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