Home Gardening: 7 Benefits of Using LED Grow Lights

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The lighting industry has seen much technological advancement over the past few years. However, LED lights are the newest and most fascinating technological development happening in the lighting world. LED lights are small, strong, powerful and efficient lights bulbs that can be used in your home and most importantly for the growth of your plants. 

You may have heard that using LED grow lights is beneficial to the environment and that they are cost-efficient, but you don’t know why. Let’s look at some of the benefits you will get by using LED grow lights.

Energy Efficient and Longevity

Using Led grow lights is one of the surest ways of having an efficient way of lighting. That is because LED lights have about 80%-90% efficient. This means that a higher percentage of their energy is converted into light rather than heat. If you want to have worthwhile investments, ensure that you use LED lights in your home. An electrical tester can help you find out any connections problems. 

LED lights can give you service for a long time as compared to other lights like incandescent bulbs. These lights have a lifespan of 60,000 hours, and you can use them for almost seven years without having to replace them. 

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Normally, LED lights last more ten times as compared to small fluorescent bulbs. The longevity of LED grow lights will reduce your maintenance costs in the future and also lower your future operating costs compared to other types of lighting. 

LED lights technology is advancing daily, producing brighter Led Lights. The United States is aiming at reducing the use of electricity for lighting by 50% and is now opting to convert to LED lighting sources.


LED lights are offered in various colors. You can find these lights in blue, red, purple and amber hues. LED lights can be mixed to come up with a variety of different colors. This is a good thing as compared to traditional incandescent bulbs which use filters to produce light colors.

Variety of uses

LEDs are used for various applications. They can be used in residential lighting, indoor gardening, transmissions, military, traffic, and entertainment and gaming industry and also in the traffic and transportation industry. LED lights can also be used in performing specific lighting tasks such as reading lights, desk lamps, security signals, night lights and signal signs.

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They are sturdier

Most lighting options like fluorescent, halogen and incandescent need neon or filament gas to operate. Also, most of these lighting options are housed in glass. Housing the lights in glass means they are fragile and they can break easily if tampered with.

On the other hand, LEDs are housed in a semiconductor device which converts electricity into energy making the lights sturdier.

Eco friendly

LEDs are your best bet if you want an eco-friendly source of lighting. These lights consume less energy as compared to other sources of light. Second, these lights do not contain toxic chemicals that are found in other sources of lighting.

For instance, neon lights contain mercury which can affect the environment if not correctly disposed of. LED lights are made from recycled materials. In addition, since they have a longer lifespan, you will not have to replace them now and then, and this reduces the impact associated with production.


LED grow lights are a reliable form of lighting as they can operate smoothly in colder temperatures. Also, they can withstand any amount of vibration and impact than other bulbs since they do not contain filaments or fragile parts. This stability makes them a perfect choice for use in areas that have unstable weather, temperature fluctuations and jostling.

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Directional lighting

LEDs are designed in a manner that they emit light in one direction as compared to other lights sources which emit light all around. Emitting light in one direction helps in energy consumption as no light is wasted or trapped in diffusers and reflectors.

The directional nature of the lights makes LEDs an ideal choice for applications like task lighting and recessed downlights which require light that travels in one direction.

LEDs are the future of lighting. LEDs offer everything that you would want, from being eco-friendly to safety, a variety of colors, no UV emissions and flexibility when it comes to design and configuration. You can use LED glow lights to ensure that your plants get sufficient light for maximum growth.

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