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Whether you’re moving or relocating your furniture, it can be challenging work. When moving or relocating furniture, you need to be extra careful about the heavy lifting, laborious packing, and back pain problems. In this article, we will provide you some tips and ways or tricks that will help you in moving your furniture safely and smoothly. Also, it is generally best to find a professional relocating service for relocating your furniture. So, you can check the “moving pods” site to get moving service-related information.

Tips or ways to relocate your furniture safely

You will need all the necessary materials and equipment before you start moving the furniture out of the house. If you want to know how much it will cost to relocate your furniture, you will be surprised to find that you can have most equipment at a low price. It will be the best decision to buy or rent appropriate or necessary items for moving furniture to avoid injury, scratching the floor, and damaging your belongings. 

You may not be an expert mover, and however, with Moving Straps, you will get the process done efficiently. When you need to move your furniture around the house, you need to have moving straps. When moving bulky objects, they can help you reduce the pressure on your back and arms. Moving Straps can easily lift the heaviest objects. They lessen the gravity center of the thing that you are moving and allow you to move quickly. They can also be adjusted according to your item size. The moving straps make relocating your furniture easier and help to prevent injuries.

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You can rent or buy a furniture slider to move heavy items alone. Sliders are pads, typically made of foam, rubber, or comparable elements or materials, that are appropriate for gliding. You need to put a slider beneath every foot of the object you intend to move and then simply slide it to another room. When it comes to the quality of this slider item, you will be amazed to discover that sliders can also work on mats and carpets and can withstand a lot of weight pressure. The materials used help to resist friction and prevent wooden floors or tile damages.

Sharp furniture corners can damage the jagged walls. Cover the sharp corners with soft things to reduce bumps. In addition, furniture drawers and flat doors may damage walls and accidentally redistribute weight. Try covering or taping drawers shut with furniture tape.

Try to disassemble your furniture as much as possible. All detachable parts (such as pillows, cushions, drawers, dresser knobs ) must be separated. This includes frames of bed and parts of other furniture. You need to remove the items that add extra weight as your target is to make your items light and plane to carry and go through the door quickly.

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You need to buy furniture dollies to carry and move the large furniture. You can use two types of carts or dollies for larger items: the first is a four-wheeled and square cart that typically has a handle to push forward. The second one is a two-wheeled hand trolley with a smaller platform. Although the platform of the two-wheeled dolly is small, it can vertically distribute the weight and make it very suitable for carrying larger and taller items. Before pushing the cart or dolly, make sure to secure the object with ropes, belts, tape, straps, etc.

You need to follow some lifting techniques to avoid injury, including-  

  1. To prevent injury, you should support the weight with your legs instead of your back. You need to concentrate the weight on your arms rather than your back.
  2. Try to keep things as close to your body as possible because this technique will help you to maintain the right balance. Balance is essential as you don’t want the risk of falling and injuring yourself.

Moving furniture up and downstairs in the new house is a challenging issue. You need to have a partner to help you move the furniture as you cannot do the task alone. Suppose you want to move the dressing table. Then, a person needs to stay at the bottom of the stairs and carry the dressing table from the bottom side, and the other person needs to stay above the stairs to carry the dressing table from the top side. Here, the bottom side person will determine the pace, but as you should not underestimate the weight of these bulky items, you need to move as slowly as possible to avoid the risk of falling and getting hurt. 

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While arriving at the new house, you need to unload everything. Make a plan about organizing the furniture and other items in your new home or apartment. The heaviest objects are likely to be in the backside of the van. So, you should unload the smaller things first. Once you’ve taken all of your belongings out, you can start arranging or placing your furniture in your apartment as you want. So, having a plan will help you to make it done quickly. 

Relocating furniture by yourself is pretty impossible. So, you should hire professional movers to make it easier. As many companies provide moving services, you can contact and hire movers to help with moving your furniture.

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