How Does Florida’s Climate Affect The Lifespan of Commercial Doors?

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Florida’s Climate change

Florida’s sea levels are on the rise, and it’s causing ripple effects throughout the Florida environment. This is due to the increased rainfalls, which may be as high as 15%. It’s not just sea levels that are rising, it’s also the temperature. As the temperature gets hotter, we expect to see an increase in tropical cyclones. Hurricanes are predicted to be more frequent and will often reach that of a category 4 or 5. Researchers suggest that they are three times more likely than that of 100 years ago. The Metro-Dade Board of County Commissioners and administrative departments are implementing policies to address climate change. The damage being caused by the hurricanes are costing businesses thousands to repair. Now is the time to protect our commercial properties more than ever. 

How can businesses protect themselves from the weather?

Most commercial doors last around 15-30 years in a regular climate. However, due to the weather conditions, the standard materials are not enough. Therefore, to ensure protection against the weather, businesses should install the right kind of door. There are added benefits to using stronger materials, as they can also protect against burglary. Industrial Door Solutions is one of the ways to combat climate change. Steel doors are also an option, as they guard the establishment against illegal entry, hurricane winds, and in the worst-case fire. Also, extends the lifespan of the multiple openings and the harsh weather conditions. 

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Steel doors are also fireproof. Fire doors can be motorized or push up, which are standard.  If open to the public all day, the push up will be the best option, as it will only come down if there is a fire. 

Commerce that uses glass doors and doesn’t want to use steel can opt for impact-resistant glass. The glass has gone through a special silicone glazing process that protects the glass from breakage, even after a harsh impact. The glass is made with an interlayer that is designed to prevent debris from entering the building. The interlayer is what keeps it from cracking and holds the whole pane together. 

Impact-resistant glass can save you money. They are known to keep the heat and cool inside, as it is composed of a thicker glass that is far stronger than the regular glass. A business can only gain by installing any of those options to their establishment.

Are companies doing enough?

Companies need to realize the severity of climate change and adapt. By doing so, they could save themselves a lot of money. Fitting the right door could not only save themself against hurricanes but also against severe damage to the business. Jim Murley the chief resilience officer for Miami-Dade County is making necessary modifications. It is expected that new building codes will be put in place to help with the rising sea levels. These are elevated roadways, and other modifications to combat floods. However, a disaster plan should be put in place to ensure that the company can recover from any weather that may hit Florida. Having a plan saves a lot of time, money, and keeps the business afloat. Everyone should have a contingency plan in place for any unexpected event. 

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