Top 5 bedroom Wall Art Ideas

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Decorating your bedroom is fun as well as challenging. We all spend a lot of quality rest time in the bedroom so it makes it pertinent that our bedroom is done as per our likes and dislikes.  Various things need to be borne in mind before you do your bedroom. Mentioned below are some very interesting bedroom wall art ideas:

1.       Invest in beautiful wallpapers– Wallpapers can actually change the whole vibe and look of a place. Wall Papers are available in various designs and patterns. The kind of wallpaper that you choose depends a lot on the aura that you want to induce in your room space.

Go in for soothing colours as they go with most of the decor pieces and furniture items. However, this holds true only if you want a minimalistic and modern look for your room.

2.       Opt for mirrors– Mirrors create an illusion of space. They reflect light and make a place appear bigger than it actually is. Also, mirrors make a room look brighter and more pleasing to the eyes.  If the dimensions of your room are small then putting mirrors will make it appear larger. You can even add a group of mirrors of different sizes on the walls as they look quite chic and nice.

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3.       Build A Picture Gallery– Picture gallery is a wonderful way to adorn your bedroom wall. You can put a collage of your family photographs. This will keep reminding you of the happy moments that you have spent with your near and dear ones. You can even have an oversized painting or photograph in your bedroom. This will not just command attention but will also set the tone of a small space.

You can even use an abstract painting in vibrant colours or go for a black-and-white photo in life-size. Alternatively, you can play with a collection of art or wall hangings. Extend the picture gallery to the ceiling. This will build the illusion of a larger space.

4.   Put Fabric On Walls– Another interesting wall art idea is putting fabric on the wall. When you put tapestry or a huge wall hanging on one of the walls posters of the bedroom it adds colour as well as pattern. It also lends a personal touch to a place. Go for vintage textiles or geometric patterns as they have a definitive character. We all want our bedroom to have its distinctive character that we identify with. Also, the framed fabric is affordable as compared to other forms of wall art.

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5.     Hang shelves– Shelves are a wonderful bedroom wall art idea. They look wonderful. They also serve a functional purpose. Nice decoration pieces can be put on shelves and this can make your bedroom look attractive.  These days floating shelves are quite a vogue.

If you do not use any kind of wall decor your bedroom tends to look incomplete and vacant. Always go for creative, designer approved decor ideas so that you do not mess up or spoil the entire look of the room.


So, these are some of the interesting bedroom wall art ideas that you can incorporate to add a touch of novelty and uniqueness to your bedroom. Decorating walls is an integral part of the interiors design process.

Regardless of the fact, whether you are working on a strict budget or you have a lavish outlay put aside for your room, incorporate these decor ideas and see the difference it


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