How to Ensure Secure Plumbing for Laundry Room

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Plumbing issues are sneaky, it has caused significant damage to your washer and laundry room before you even notice it. You have to stay aware of the potential problems of plumbing to keep your laundry room safe and dry. Although an experienced and qualified plumber is the best ally in times of trouble, having an idea of how to ensure secure plumbing is greatly important.

This article is for you, whether you are securing the plumbing for your laundry room at home, or for your wash & fold app blog business. You have to know these tips to prevent problems. 

Check the Supply Lines

Plumbing issues and mishaps often occur in washing machine supply lines. Check the supply lines regularly helps avoid leaks and flooding. It is best to do the inspection at least twice a year. Thoroughly look for cracks, bubblings, leaks, and blisters.

However, if you already changed the supply lines or plumbing connections for your washer, it is time to replace your washer. 

Organize Laundry Appliances

It is important to organize our laundry room to avoid any plumbing issues. Do not stick the washer near the wall, give a little space to ensure that the supply lines do not kink. Moreover, do not let any appliances be too close to your washer. This helps the washer to avoid leaks and function correctly. 

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Install a Drain Filter

Some might think laundry loads do not have any particles that may block the laundry room drain. Yet, it is possible to have debris, lint, or any particles in your laundry load. It is better to install a drain filter to collect any debris that is drained out with the washing water. Collect as much debris and clean filters regularly. Some drain filters may be inside the washer, do not forget to check and empty the drain filter regularly. 

Check Drains

Major flooding and plumbing issues may happen if your laundry drain is blocked or damaged. Do not let anything go down in the laundry drain except for the water you use during your laundry cycle. 

If you have blockage it is best to shift and use a drain filter. This makes the plumber easily inspect your laundry drains. 

Regular Plumbing Inspections

Having regular plumbing inspections help determine plumbing issues easily. Addressing issues earlier avoids damages and complications. Take care of your laundry room plumbing to avoid blockage and flooding. A trained eye catches the laundry room problems.

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However, plumbing problems may occur and this can happen to anyone. You can install a water sensor on the floor to receive a notification if there is flooding in your laundry room. 

Final Thoughts

Do not allow your house or laundry service shop to get damaged. Do not overlook plumbing. If you are having trouble with your plumbing, or you need regular or emergency maintenance, always call an experienced plumber for help. But, if you find that your washer needs more repair than maintenance, it is time to look for a new washer. 

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