6 Top Tips to Save Money in the Bathroom

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So you don’t have to see your cash go down the drain

In the modern household, there are savings to be had in every room. Slashing your food budget is simple and the internet is rife with information on how to slice that energy bills in half. Whilst there are plenty of articles discussing how to save money in the house, the bathroom is another part of the house where you can squeeze the most out of your pennies. 

So let’s dive in and take a look at the savings to be had in the bathroom and how you can implement them, today.

1. Turn off the water (but actually do it)

Now, this may sound extremely obvious. However, how many of us can say that we don’t leave the tap running when we brush our teeth? That’s what I thought. 

Turning off the water in between shampooing and rinsing, brushing teeth and rinsing could be the way to save a decent amount of money on your water bill. We waste a lot of excess water by leaving the tap running when we don’t actually need to.

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Not to mention the impact this could have on the environment if we all started turning off that tap between uses.

2. Shave a minute off your shower

By just showering for one minute less, you could save up to seven litres of water a day. Think of that statistic over the course of a year and the amount it could shave off your water bill. 

Some families set a time limit for their daily shower, with the average time in the UK being 5  minutes. If you made that 5 minutes 4 minutes, you could cut a significant amount off your water bill each month.

This is not only a money-saving hack, but it can maintain some order in the mornings. No longer shall you scrap with your family about who gets the first shower in the morning! 

3. Don’t buy branded essentials!

Toiletries can be ridiculously priced these days. Whilst we are all guilty of splurging on expensive shower gels that claim to make you fly, they don’t work. Buying only the basics can save you a lot of money each month. Go for the unbranded. You’ll find that unbranded shower gels, soaps and lotions all pretty much do the same job as their branded competitor.

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So instead of paying £40 for that coconut infused, silk feel toilet paper, spend less on the essentials and go for cheap toilet paper. To be frank, toilet paper is only going to be used for one thing and it’s pretty gross at that. So, don’t waste money on things that don’t need to be anything more than simple. 

4. Don’t splash on cleaning products either!

Bleach is bleach and disinfectant is disinfectant and usually the most simple cleaning products are the most effective. Spending anything more than what you need to on cleaning products is just pouring money down the drain. Nowadays, there is a cleaning product for every problem and the market is rife with add-ons. But don’t buy into it, all you really need to get a great clean on your bathroom is three things. Bleach, disinfectant and a sponge.

You can still achieve the same results without having to spend big bucks on the basics. 

5. Use less shampoo/conditioner

We are all guilty of using a ludicrous amount of conditioner when we wash our hair in the hopes that our hair will look like the models on the bottle. But purchasing these products is expensive, with the average shampoo costing around £5 per bottle. By making these last. not only will you be squeezing the most out of the bottle, but also squeezing the most out of your money,

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However, you really only need a small amount. A little goes a long way, especially with our shampoo and conditioner. These items aren’t cheap, so make the most of them and see the savings. 

6. Don’t splash the cash on makeup remover

Makeup remover is makeup remover. So long as it gets the paint off your face, it’ll do the job fine. Your face wash takes off the majority of the makeup anyway so there is no point investing heavily into your remover. So, even if it claims to anti-age your skin by 68 years, don’t fall for it and cut the cost of your makeup remover.

7. Ensure your plumbing is functioning properly

One of the reasons why you may have noticed that your bathroom is costing you more than usual could be because your plumbing isn’t working properly. Leaking toilets are one of the main culprits of this, and they can expel gallons of water each day that you’re not using but are paying for. Having a plumber assess your bathroom could be one of the most valuable tips to save money in the bathroom.

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