Flushing Out Ideas for Designing a Luxurious Bathroom 

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For some folks, bathrooms are simply one of the utility rooms of your home or apartment. You use it for your bodily needs and to clean yourself from your teeth to your hair to the tips of your toes. 

But many other people love their bathrooms enough to invest big bucks into them. After all, we spend an awful lot of time in the bathroom. You might as well make it one of the most luxurious spaces in your home. 

These days, bathrooms contain more than the standard toilet, sink, and shower. You might even consider installing a hot tub-style bathtub that can accommodate several adults, and even a bidet. The latter, which has been a solid fixture in European and Asian homes from Romania to Thailand, is now becoming more popular in the U.S. Much of it has to do with the environment. 

According to Apple Plumbing, a plumber in Scottsdale AZ, owning a bidet is no long considered a trend-setting option for folks looking to live a more exotic, indeed European lifestyle. Washlets and bidets have grown in popularity in the U.S. due to their eco-friendliness. They are also said to be increasingly affordable. Bidets means using far less toilets paper and far less clogged drains. But they also add sophistication and luxury to a bathroom.    

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With that in mind, what other ways are there to turn a humdrum bathroom into something luxurious? According to a recent article, with the right amount of cash and effort, your master bath can be transformed into an “elegant space.” Lot’s of luxury bathroom ideas exist, but it’s important to find the right ones that fits your needs and wants. 

Construction and design experts agree that in more recent years, clients have been demanding bigger and better master bathrooms. Remodel jobs have included more luxury items. Here’s just a few of the luxury ideas in demand today.   

Big Windows

If you have enough usable space, you shouldn’t hold back. A master bathroom with tons of space is every homeowner’s dream. Maybe a marble freestanding bath positioned right beside a big widow wall is something that seems like it was lifted from a Hollywood picture, but it is entirely doable when it comes to a new or renovated bath. 

But there’s more to the big window scheme than mere square footage. By combining large windows with a minimalist design, you can create the “illusion of space.” 

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Typically, bathrooms are small and aren’t equipped with large windows for privacy purposes. But if you have enough space to accommodate a large window, you can thoroughly enjoy the view they offer. 

Spa-like Retreat

Finishes, textures and sophisticated bathroom décor all play important roles in the overall bathroom design, be it a new or renovated space. Textured wallpapers that resemble stone and that provides a nice contrast to chrome and shiny fixtures are growing ever more popular in the 2020s. So is the addition of natural stones like marble for instance.

Lighting that Gets You in the Mood

Since you will be spending time in the bathroom enjoying a hot tub or a overly large shower, you can add ornamental lighting elements that can offer a luxurious look. Lighting can prove a powerful mood enhancer even if you don’t have panoramic windows or floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Vintage Lighting Fixtures

Traditional and older homes often benefit from installing vintage lighting fixtures. You can combine these with marble and onyx to give the space a more unique and sophisticated appearance while maintaining the old-world charm. 

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Working With White

Working with white sanitaryware means providing the right types of contrasting textures that will make the new bathroom go from plain to luxurious. Shiny white floor tiles can be covered with a zebra accent rug, plus delicate and soft curtains that envelope you in a luxury and sophistication. 

Sunken Tubs

Sunken tubs are a great feature to make your bathroom a grander place. However, they are out of the ordinary since they are difficult to install in existing spaces. But when utilized in new construction they can provide an extraordinary, if not sexy effect. 

Accent Lighting Fixtures

Design experts say that there are two ways in which light can have a great effect on the overall look and ambiance of your bathroom. Lots of bathroom light can be considered a luxury. But also, subtle, understated accent lighting fixtures can have a similar ambient effect that can truly enhance your mood.   

Free Standing Bathtub and Mirrored Wall

Under normal circumstances a bathroom us considered utilitarian in nature which means designs are usually space-efficient and entirely focused on functionality. But the addition of a big free-standing bathtub that comfortably fits two or more people set beside a window wall can add the perfect titillating spark you and your partner have been seeking.

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