How to Make Your Home Your Own

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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When you are making your house feel like a home, the process is usually more involved than it might initially seem. Putting your rooms together and ensuring everything is functional and beautiful is not always easy. Still, no matter what your goals are, there are several ways to start putting your home together in a way that you love.

Consider Adding a Home Elevator

A home elevator is a great way to add a bit of luxury to your home. Those who want to live in their homes as long as possible can use an elevator to get from one level to the next. It can also increase the value of the house in case you ever want to sell it. You can find home elevators from Lifton in a range of options, and you can find something that fits your style.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make it Your Own

There is no right or wrong way to decorate your own home. Even if you do not think of yourself as a designer, you still have the potential to create a space you love. You don’t have to have an eye for design to do well at it. You are in control of how it looks, so even if you want to follow some trends, make sure you design it in a way that feels like your space. For many, their home is where they spend the most time, so it is important to take the time to ensure it accurately reflects who you are.

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Use a Mood Board

Gather images from magazines or social media and put them together in one space to inspire you. Perhaps you love the style of curtains in one picture and want the furniture featured in another one. Creating a collection like this will help you avoid simply following hot interior design trends and instead figuring out your own personal style and aesthetic. To create a physical mood board, take some pins and foam board and start pinning wallpaper, fabric, photos, and even flooring samples. You will get a better idea of how everything will go together. Make sure the design has texture, such as different types of fabrics or flooring. 

Trying Before Purchasing

Start by considering the color palate you like for your space. Whether it is curtains, wallpaper, paint, or furniture, think about the overall mood you want to evoke in the room. The main color will be used for larger spaces in the room, while an accent color can be used for lampshades, cushions, and other accessories. Consider using three colors around the space instead of only two.

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Make sure you try paper and paints before committing to them. It might look great under the store’s lighting or online, but it can look a lot different in your living room. Get smaller cans of paint or swatches of paper and put them on both the lightest and darkest spaces in your room. Leave them in place for a while so you can see how it blends with your overall vision for that room.

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