How to Pass the Home Inspection While Selling Home?

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Every single house owner who’s planning to sell their home will undergo a house inspection. You can’t skip it, or else there’s no way for your house to be bought, by then.

To spread out the details for you, someone who grows interested in buying your house will have another person – this would be the house inspector – check all areas, furniture, and even the smallest details of your home to see if it’s in good condition and will be worth their money.

The house inspector will always be meticulous with the task and point out even the smallest defects they would find. Of course, they’re also there to point out specific details of your house that the buyer is looking for.

The best way to pass a home inspection is to have the entirety of your house inspected even before a home inspector does it for you. There are a few things you have to keep in mind, as well.

1. Keep Your House Clean

It may already be a given that your house should be clean from dirt, dust, and molds. Who would want to buy an untidy space to live in, anyway? But then, there’s more to keeping the house clean than getting rid of the dirt and dust.

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Make sure that your house is free from boxes and other miscellaneous objects. Having them scattered around the house wouldn’t only make it hard for the house inspector to check your house, but it could make your space look messy, as well. It could even discourage other buyers from fully checking out your home.

Have your house free from everything unnecessary and keep it clean, as well.

2. Have Your Crawl Space or Basement Drainage Examined

Most house inspectors spot defects at the house’s drainage. This could be immediately a big turn-off for your home buyers, as drainage is necessary for keeping a house tidy and even safe from bacteria.

Having a blocked or uncooperative drainage could often lead to spills and even floor and wall leaks. This is highly discouraged. Make sure you carry out Sump Pump Installation & Repair to remove the water in the crawl space. Before anything else, make sure your drainages are functional and wouldn’t cause many problems in the near future.

If you think you’ve got a blocked drainage, you could unclog it on your own. If it still doesn’t budge, it’s best that you have a professional come over as they would have the needed equipment to fix a clogged drainage.

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3. Keep Your House Free of Defects

Even the smallest cracks are noticed by house inspectors since they’re extremely meticulous when it comes to performing their tasks. Besides, even the tiniest dent on your walls or uneven tiles on your floors are able to cause more dilemmas to you and your buyer in the succeeding days.

You may think that your house is free of defects, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You must have it checked thoroughly. An old technique that people commonly suggest (and do) is to roll a marble on the floor. If there’s a bump in the marble’s movements, then you most likely have an uneven floor.

It’s also best if you have your walls re-painted so that it would be free from cracks and faded paint. Professional wall painters also have your walls examined and repaired in the process, so if you have the budget, it’s best that you contact an expert to do the job for you.

Make sure that your crawl space is clean and has no defects, as well. Leaving it as its is could have your house be filled with pests, or even fungus and molds. There are several crawl space cleaning services in Puyallup and crawl space cleaning services in Auburn that are able to do the job for you.

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