How to transform your garden with outdoor lighting

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Our gardens are often a refuge from the stresses of the world, yet we don’t always make the most of them. When darkness falls, there is a great opportunity to present your garden in a more enchanting way with the right outdoor lighting.

So, let’s look at some options for illuminating your garden to make it an even more magical, inspiring and relaxing place to be.

Path lights

Path lighting may seem to be something you’d buy for practical purposes – namely, to help you navigate around your garden without fear of falling over! But the right path lights, in the right places, can really transform how your outdoor space looks and feels.

You might desire the ‘uniform’ look of lamps set out along both sides of your path. Or maybe you could use some of your path lights to draw attention to otherwise all-too-easily ignored foliage?

Also, consider the glow that your chosen path lights give off. In an area like the garden that’s supposed to be inviting, you’ll almost certainly prefer warm white to a colder, harsher light.

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Solar lighting

As its name suggests, solar lighting draws power from the sun. It can be a great option if you wish to minimize how much electricity your garden lighting uses.

There are many types of solar lights, including string lights, stake lights and illuminated stepping stones, to name just a few options. What they have in common is the use of solar collectors to absorb daytime sunlight. An internal battery stores this energy which can then be used when you switch on the solar lights or they are triggered by a low level of ambient light.

Wall lighting

Don’t waste the potential of any wall surfaces in your outdoor space! Have fun installing wall lights here that exude a certain look – perhaps rustic and traditional or angular and contemporary – and that provide atmospheric, focused and practical illumination.


outdoor lighting

Garden wall lighting comes in so many amazing shapes and sizes – think swivel lights, spotlights, disc-shaped lights and even wall-mounted hanging lanterns. Artcraft Lighting offers outdoor lighting options from the Bradgate, Cortland and Marine collections, enabling you to choose clear, semi-clear, or seeded glassware to achieve the perfect aesthetic.

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Lanterns and candles

If you’re unsure where to start with outdoor lighting, remember that whatever you choose doesn’t have to be there forever! Temporary lighting can be great for trying out different vibes before committing to permanent fixtures later.


To begin,  you might simply have tea lights in old jars or bean cans. Maybe you could even give the outside of the jars a ‘stained-glass’ effect by decorating them with special glass paints? And of course, you only need to look somewhere like Etsy to find all manner of fun lanterns and candles. Twinkly lights are a popular outdoor option, too.


Just be mindful of which improvised lights might need to be brought in when the weather turns bad and which ones you’ll be able to leave outside regardless.

The above are just some great ways lighting can help to make your garden the atmospheric and welcoming space it ought to be. So, don’t be afraid to give all kinds of different ideas a go!

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