Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Whole Home Water Filter System

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Clean, safe drinking water is a necessity for everyone on the planet. There is a lot of skepticism when it comes to the water that flows out of our faucets, and this is why many homeowners decide to get a water filtration system. A common pain point for a lot of people is that there are so many makes, models, and options available on the market that might overwhelm them and cause them to delay their purchase or forgo it altogether. All these options also open up opportunities for purchasing mistakes to happen, and this is why we are going to look at what you should avoid to ensure you get the right whole home water filter system.

Basing Your Decision on Brand Names

While it is true that there was a time when brand names would be the only consideration when purchasing a water filter system, that is no longer the case. In the water filtration industry, businesses are bought and sold all the time while some merge to form bigger companies. This means that the brand you want might not be made by the same company that originally sold it, so there is no way to know about its reliability.

Additionally, some businesses will have their water filter systems made in the same factory as other models, meaning that even though these models might be sold under different brand names, they are essentially the same product.

Buying a System That Is Too Small

This happens quite often when people are purchasing whole-home water filter systems. There are so many water filter systems that are labeled “whole home” but cannot keep up with the demands and flow rates of a typical house they are recommended for. For example, so many people end up with filter housings that use a 10-inch by 2.5-inch cartridge, which leads to the filter clogging up quickly and flow restrictions soon after the system is installed.

It is important to do proper research when purchasing water filter systems. Doing this will ensure that you not only get the right filter system, but that the fittings are adequate for your house’s size and applications.

Choosing a System that is Overkill

To cover all their bases, some people ask for the most extreme water filter system available. While this is fine, they often do not have justification for and do not need such a system. By doing this, they not only end up spending more money, but they also spend the money on a system whose features they will never be able to use. For example, asking for a “mega filter” for your shower is not necessary because your shower water does not have to be filtered to the same level as your drinking water.

Only Considering the Price

Although many of the water filter systems that are expensive are often better, that is not always true. There is some level of price gouging going on to take advantage of people who think that a higher price equals a better system.

When purchasing a water filter system, it is important to put your biases aside and look at it objectively. Choose a system that fulfills all your needs and does everything you need it to without going overboard. Considering the brand or pricing can lead you to a system that is either not right for you or one that is not worth the money you paid for it.

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