7 benefits of using a meditation pillow 

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People are discovering the benefits of mindfulness, being present, and deep breathing and meditation are swiftly gaining popularity. A half-hour of meditation at the start of the day can make the rest of the day run more smoothly.

Using a meditation pillow might provide you with a number of advantages. These benefits include longer meditation sessions, reduced physical discomfort, and a visual reminder to meditate. You can also improve your posture and blood circulation by using a meditation cushion. The additional benefits are as follows.

Increased Comfort

You can improve your comfort levels by using a meditation cushion. If you have a cushion to sit on, you will be more comfortable. The pillow’s purpose is to raise you high enough to ease any painful sensations.

Increased Stability

These pillows provide you with the additional height, allowing you to remain more stable. A zafu (pillow for meditation) can help you work on different leg positions in your practice if don’t have enough flexible hips.

Longer Meditation Times

A meditation cushion is developed with the purpose of being used for meditation. The substance in these pillows helps you sit in perfect posture by aligning your hips under your back. Because of the comfort of this position, you may sit for long periods of time without experiencing the types of pain you would experience without using a pillow.

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Stay Focused

These pillows are an excellent way to keep yourself focused. The seated position assists to keeps your spine straight, which helps your mind stay awake and alert.  Meditation can be quite calming, and many people fall asleep while doing so. While meditating, a pillow will help you stay attentive and less sleepy.


Meditation cushions are lightweight and easy to carry. If you travel or like to meditate outside, your cushion can accompany you every time. Having a pillow that you can easily be carried expands your possibilities, and also you don’t have to meditate at home anymore.

Optimal Blood Flow

Pillows can assist you to avoid misalignments in your body when you’re meditating. Blood flow is improved when your spine. hips and knees are in the appropriate position. You can obtain the ideal meditative position for improved blood flow by using a meditation cushion.

A Visual Cue

Some people find it difficult to focus or create a meditation habit. Using a cushion as part of your meditation habit might serve as a visual cue to help you get in the mood. Having your cushion and ideally designed space is an effective reminder every time to get your meditation done.

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Choosing a meditation pillow that will fit your requirements is going to take a quite amount of time and patience. The cushion you select and the benefits it will offer you very remarkably on what type of meditation you try to engage in on a regular basis. If you plan to combine different types with your meditative practices, then you require finding a universal cushion or buying more than one.

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