Modern And Comfortable Ramat Hasharon House In Israel

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Designed and built thanks to a collaboration between Jonathan Munjak and Pitsou Kedem Architects, the Ramat Hasharon House is a modern and comfortable masterpiece that is located in Ramat HaSharon, Israel. Starting off with its exquisite exterior design, the residence oozes sophistication and fine taste from each and every pore, but once you step inside and you have a look at its majestic living arrangements, you quickly begin to realize what its strong points really are.

Modernly furnished and beautifully decorated, the Ramat Hasharon House is an epitome of comfort and wellness that has the potential to support and maintain a relaxed and carefree lifestyle. The main living room includes a large L-shaped sofa as well as a series of maze-like shelves that were placed conveniently on a large wall. Furthermore, the adjoining kitchen space boasts with a plethora of high-end appliances and a dining table for 12.

Outside, a gorgeous swimming pool is flanked by a series of comfortable seating arrangements that can be used for relaxation and socialization purposes on a daily basis.

Photos by Elad Sarig

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