Points to Remember When Choosing a Moving Company

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Finding the right company to move your stuff across states needs a lot of hard work. A packing company is going to handle your personal belongings, so you have to ensure that the company is experienced in packing all types of household materials and has an exceptional record in delivering all the items safely to the new address. 

Moving Company

Most of the complaints against packers and movers talk about delivering broken items, missing boxes, and late arrival. If you do not want to experience any of this and would like to have a stress-free move, you have to 

Ask for Referrals

When you set out to find the perfect packers and movers, start by looking for companies online. Check their track record, record, and reviews left by their customers. Please do not stop your investigation online though, reach out to family and friends who may have recently used a packing company for shifting their home. People who have used a service are the best people to tell you which company is good and which may not be as good as it sounds. You can also ask for references from your co-workers. Sometimes, workplaces also work in collaboration with moving companies and offer services at a discounted price.

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Talk to Multiple Companies

Talk to multiple packing companies and ask for cost estimates. Do not settle down for the first one; even it fits in your budget. Ask for details like the material used for packing, how many experts will be assigned to your case, and how many containers you will need. Make sure the company visits your place and checks out your furniture and other items before giving you an estimate so that there are no last-minute surprises.

Beware of Red Flags

When you meet the moving companies, keep your eyes open for any suspicious behavior. For example, if a company asks for advance payment, you should worry about the deal because that’s not the norm. Do not pay any percentage of the fee in advance. All the payments are to be made after the move.

Similarly, if a company seems unsure of handling precious items or give ambiguous answers when enquired about their packing methodology, consider some other company. One more crucial red flag can come in the form of a rented moving man. Most professional companies own their vehicles. If you do not want to write off a company just because of the car, verify other points.

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Check for Mover’s License

A mover has to be licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Ask your packaging company for this license if you are shifting out of state. Also, ask for the crucial DOT number, which may come in handy if you have to file a claim against the moving company. 

Verify Business Address

Check the contact details of the company you are planning to hire. Ask them to give you a business card and verify the phone number and address on it.  If they have a website, you should check the address and other contact details provided in it. It will also be good to check out the credentials of the team members. You have to do all this to make sure that you are dealing with a genuine company.

Discuss all Costs

Movers often charge for things like bringing down furniture from the third floor, exorbitant prices for packing boxes, and they may even charge you additionally for moving your stuff from a bigger truck to a smaller one. Discuss all the itty-bitty expenses in advance so that you do not get any surprise additional costs. 

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Do Not Sign a Blank Contract

You are handing over everything you own to a random moving company. Won’t it be fair to get every rule and condition in writing? Yes, it will be right for you because if something goes wrong, you will be losing everything, and you won’t be able to take any action against the packers or the moving company. 

Go for Moving Insurance

A moving insurance my add some extra bucks to your bill, but it is worth it. Insurance makes the moving company liable for all the goods that you are moving with them. So, while no amount of money can replace the value of your items, getting paid for your loss is still a better deal. Moving companies offer a different level of liability, and the fee depends on what you choose. Full replacement insurance will cost you more, while minimal replacement insurance will cost you less. Take a call based on the value of your belongings. 

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