Pool Maintenance Tips That You Need To Try Right Now

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Having your own pool is a wonderful thing. When the weather is hot, it is the perfect place for you and the family to relax. It is also a great reason to invite over friends and family because it makes a great centerpiece for any summer activity. If you are interested in having a custom pool built in your yard visit Mr Pools.

Swimming pools need to be cared for and for this you likely need a professional service. But even if you use a professional you still need to do maintenance. And for those of you who do the work on your own, you need to make sure that you are doing all you should to keep your pool in tip top shape.

Here are some great pool maintenance tips for you to make sure your pool is always ready for swimmers.

Stay on Top of Your Pool’s PH

Having a pool PH between 7.2 and 7.8 allows for the perfect water balance in your pool. A correct PH will eliminate and keep away bacteria and ensure that the water does not irritate the eyes and skin of anyone swimming in it. To do this you need to add the right amount of chemicals at the right times. To ensure the correct balance, you need to test the PH of the water at least twice each week. Chemicals can be added to either raise or lower the PH based on what is needed. After adding any chemicals give the pool one hour to settle before swimming in it.

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Keep Leaves and Other Debris Out of the Area

Your pool because of its size will attract lots of debris, but you want it to always look and be clean. Any trees or bushes in the area will shed their leaves which will end up in your pool and first and other debris will also land in it. You should skim your pool regularly to remove these things. And use a strainer basket to take away any of the floating debris.

The goal is to try and get as much as possible while it is floating on your pool’s surface and before it sinks to the bottom where it will make removal more difficult. So you should clean the surface every day. You can use a strainer basket to remove floating leaves from the water. For the debris that does sink, there are water vacuums that can remove it. It is a good investment.

Keep Your Pool Filter Clean

Your pool filter has the job of keeping your pool water clean every minute of the day. If you think about it, from kids jumping in the pool with dirty feet, to sometimes even your dog jumping in, a filter is really important. A pool will use one of three filter types and yours could be any of the three, sand, diatomaceous or pool filters. Although each has a different type of cleaning regimen, you should always keep your pool filter clean to ensure your pool water is as well.

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Know What You Can and Can’t Do About Your Pool

Many people take on handling their pool maintenance because of wanting to save the cost of hiring a professional service. Some manage to do a great job while others not so much. You have to accept that pool maintenance requires constant and consistent attention and if for any reason you cannot provide this attention, it is best to fire a service.

Also maintenance and repair of pool parts should be left to professionals. Remember these electrical parts often come in contact with water and as we know electricity and water are a terrible combination. Do not try to be an amateur electrician working on your pool. Instead pay the money and hire someone with years of experience.

When your pool is not in use, you might want to drain it in order to save costs on water and electricity. If you do, make sure you do it safely and that you cover your empty pool to avoid the danger the open hole can cause. When you are ready to use it, it is best to call a professional pool service to get things going again.

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