Robins Way Residence, the Perfect Weekend Retreat

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Robins Way Residence is a 2,000-squre-foot house owned by a DJ and an interior designer, who had this 1960s home, situated in Amagansett, New York, completely renovated. Bates Masi Architects were those who had to create this beautiful weekend retreat.

The owners also wanted to keep the patina and history surrounding this place. That is why the designers chose to unify history with present, traditional with modern, old with new, following the clients’ requests concerning the lighting, the acoustics, the equipment coordination and the aesthetic décor.

Between the existing ceiling joists, natural rope was woven, to absorb the background noise and at the same time to allow the music from the ceiling mounted speakers to flow into the room. The rope was also a choice to hide from view all utilities and speakers. But this is not the only purpose of the rope. It was also used to support a mirror in the master bathroom and the chandelier from the dinning room.

The interior walls, as well as the interior cabinetry, are covered in reclaimed barn wood. The shower window was screened with the same type of wood, giving the sensation of an outdoor shower. Dark strained cedar was used for the exterior facades, and for the windows and doors frames, offering elegance and sophistication to the house.

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Robins Way Residence, the Perfect Weekend Retreat

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