Robotic Pool Cleaners – Are They Worth It?

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A swimming pool offers so many great benefits including fun, fitness, entertainment and much more. There is only one thing you may not love about owning a pool, and that is pool cleaning. Worry not, maintaining a pool is now simpler than ever. You can drastically reduce the amount of work you need to put into pool maintenance by using a robotic pool cleaner. Why are they so beneficial? Let us explain in this post.

What are robotic pool cleaners?

A robotic pool cleaner is a pool cleaning machine that operates independently to clean your swimming pool. These small, electric-powered machines scour every square inch of the pool walls, steps included. As they manoeuvre across the surface, they collect dirt, including minuscule pieces that are undetectable to the naked eye. They can give your swimming pool an unbeatable clean with their integrated cutting-edge sensors and programming. This ensures that no pollutants or nasties are left behind. Robotic cleaners operate automatically and clean your Fibreglass Pools Melbourne without your help.

Are robotic pool cleaners equal to conventional pool cleaners?

Not at all, no. Robotic cleaners operate autonomously, setting them apart from traditional pool cleaners. Robotic cleaners utilise electricity to operate instead of the pool’s circulation system. Perhaps you’re wondering, electricity? They will be pricey! The good news is, that they aren’t. Although they are reliant on low-voltage electricity, the amount they use is incredibly small and is equivalent to a regular household light globe.

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How much do robotic pool cleaners cost?

You can expect to pay roughly $600 for a basic robotic cleaner and around $4,000 for a top-of-the-range model. The type you select will have a significant impact on the cost.

What distinguishes robotic cleaners from manual versions?

There are many advantages to choosing a robotic cleaner over other types of pool cleaners. Here are some of them:

Conserve water

Other types of pool cleaners frequently leave behind enormous amounts of dirt and contaminants and are less effective than robotic cleaners. This can lead to the filter blocking up with debris. To remedy this, you’ll need to backwash the filter to get rid of them. Despite being efficient, this method uses a lot of water. The requirement for backwashing is significantly reduced because the robotic cleaner can remove these pollutants before they enter the filter and this reduces your water usage.

Less pool maintenance

When you don’t have to, why waste your precious time cleaning the pool? With a robotic pool cleaner, you can minimise the need for manual cleaning on your part without sacrificing the water’s quality. One of the numerous benefits of a robotic cleaner is that they make owning a pool easier which is why many pool owners choose to get one.

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More environmentally friendly

Older types of pools and equipment are notorious for chewing electricity. Robotic cleaners use far less energy compared to other cleaners allowing you to be greener.

Less chemical reliance

Your pool has to be appropriately balanced using the right amounts of pool chemicals to be clean for swimming in. Robotic cleaners scan every inch of your pool, collecting and washing anything that gets in their way. The need to add large amounts of chemicals to the pool to fix water problems, won’t be necessary as the water is kept so meticulously clean. This means your pool water isn’t laden with chemicals whilst reducing its environmental impact.

Unmatched cleaning capabilities

Other cleaners are unable to navigate into small spaces or up to the pool’s water line as robotic cleaners can. Robotic cleaners stand out not only for their capabilities to move into all crevices and surfaces but also for their capacity to detect impurities that other cleaners would typically miss. The following are some of the contaminants they may remove from the water:

  1. Algae
  2. Chemicals
  3. Leaves
  4. Urine
  5. Bacteria
  6. Twigs
  7. Body lotions, creams and oils
  8. Sweat
  9. Pollen
  10. Dirt
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It is cheaper

Lower operating costs due to your pool requiring fewer chemicals, less water, and less energy can save you a tonne of money over time.

Desirable features to look for in a robotic pool cleaner

Great gripping properties

Robotic cleaners must have excellent traction to climb up the pool wall and over the steps. If your robotic cleaner lacks grip, it may slip and not be able to clean the pool properly. Robotic cleaners with caterpillar tracks, four-wheel drive, and large rollers are good options.

Advanced cleaning abilities

Your water quality will be most optimal when your robotic cleaner offers advanced cleaning. Choose a machine with excellent cleaning capabilities. Although it can cost a little more upfront, the savings over time make up for it.

A large collection bag

More debris can be gathered in a larger collection bag meaning you’ll have to empty it less often. This enables you to leave the cleaner for longer before you have to discard the contents in the vacuum bag.

Water draining on removal

When not in use, your robotic cleaner should be taken out of the swimming pool and kept in a shaded location. It might be heavy and challenging to remove a cleaner from the pool if it doesn’t dispel the water that is contained inside of it when you lift it out. The water is ejected from some more advanced models by jets as it approaches the waterline. Lifting it out is much simpler and less heavy with this feature.

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Integrated intelligence

Robotic pool cleaners which have intelligence integrated can identify the route around your pool and clean it thoroughly in a shorter amount of time. Robotic cleaners that don’t have intelligence are still capable of cleaning the pool, but they will do it randomly rather than following a predetermined course. Another characteristic to look for is interoperability with smart technology, which will make life even simpler.

Robotic cleaners are the most sophisticated pool cleaner

We hope this article has provided you with some background on robotic cleaners and the reasons why they are a remarkable option. Make sure you do your homework before purchasing a robotic cleaner to ensure you are receiving a high-quality unit that will perform admirably.

At Melbourne Fibreglass Pool Company, we fit and install phenomenal fibreglass swimming pools, and if you have questions about robotic cleaners, we’d be happy to answer them!

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