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One drawback to landscaping your yard is that it can be complicated and time consuming. Between having to cut trim and provide mulch, you also have to repent and then worry about pests.  This leads to a second drawback which is the cost.

There are ways however for you to have a simple to upkeep yet beautiful landscaped yard and to do it on a budget. Read on for a few ideas on how to accomplish this feat.

Use Planters Around Your Yard

Planters provide a great way for you to immediately add beauty to your yard. You can virtually any kind of plant in a planter and place it anywhere in your yard. You can buy planters with stands and place them wherever you choose. This is a great way to have different looks to your yard during the year.

Mix up your ground cover

When people think about ground cover for their yards, they often limit themselves to a green lawn. Although having beautiful green grass in the front and the back of your home is never a bad choice, it can also be quite boring, particularly if you want your home to stand out a bit in your neighborhood. So instead of just using green grass, try a few of these other options that are beautiful and easy to maintain.

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Creeping Jenny

This robust ground cover is able to tolerate damper soil better than most groundcovers, so over watering is not an issue. Creeping Jenny blooms with bright yellow flowers during the summer so it beautifies any yard.


Pachysandra is very easy to get started and a great choice for shady areas of your yard. It will form a dense, low cover that is particularly great at choking weeds.

Ground Ivy

If you want fast growing ground cover that can stand high traffic easily, choose ground ivy. You can mow it and be careful because it will grow fast and take over your yard. 

Start with Young Plants

People are captivated by mature plants, shrubs and trees and when they think about having plants in their yard they always think about them being mature. But mature plants are much more expensive than young plants and more difficult to transport and care for. Instead opt for young plants that you can grow into mature ones in your yard. This will save you money and give you the satisfaction of knowing you mothered the plant to maturity.

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Buy at the End of the Season

Learn the best seasons for purchasing the plants you want then buy when they are out of season. Like so many other things plants have huge discounts when out of season. In fact you can often save 705 when you buy at the wrong time. Aim for the end of spring and summer to go shopping and watch the markdowns you can take advantage of. You might find some plants that look a bit worn but they can easily get back to great health once you pamper them a bit. This is also a great time to use your negotiation skills. Buy them in bulk for even more savings.

Buy Perennials

Perennials are flowers that continue to bloom every year at the same time or several times. In other words you only have to purchase and plant them once. Some of the most popular and beautiful perennials are alstroemeria, catmint, and coreopsis and each returns every year with colorful leaves and flowers. The initial price for these flowers might be a little higher than annual flowers but you will save much more over the long run and you will always be sure that your yard will look beautiful every year.

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Use these tips to make yourself a beautiful landscaped yard at a discount price.

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