Cost-Effective Ways to Beat the Summertime Heat

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With the summer season in full swing, temperatures are on the rise. While many of us find the summertime heat preferable to the winds of winter, extreme heat can be every bit as uncomfortable as frigid cold. Furthermore, as is the case with staying warm in the wintertime, keeping cool during the months can often prove costly. However, this isn’t to say that homeowners should resign themselves to spending a fortune on cooling costs. Anyone looking to beat the heat and save money in the process will be well-served by the following pointers.

Buy Home Insurance

A dependable central air conditioner is far from a small investment. Not only do heavy-duty AC units come with enormous price tags, they can also cost a fortune to repair in the event of a breakdown. Homeowners looking to make exorbitant AC repair and replacement costs a thing of the past should look into purchasing home insurance. A comprehensive home insurance policy will cover all of your home’s big-ticket appliances, thereby preventing you from shelling out a king’s ransom every time your AC is on the fritz. In the interest of keeping your air conditioner running efficiently and extending its life, start exploring your home insurance options posthaste.

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Close Your Blinds

The harsh summertime sun can increase the temperature in your home, thus causing your AC to work even harder. Fortunately, you can keep sunlight at bay by keeping your blinds closed during the sun’s peak hours. For good measure consider investing in thermal curtains or blackout screens, as these will make it even more difficult for the sun to find its way into your residence.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Windows

Investing in energy-efficient windows may not initially strike you as a cost-effective decision. However, spending a little bit of money in the short term can help you save a tremendous amount in heating and cooling costs down the line. Energy-efficient windows contain extra insulation, which prevents cool air from escaping and hot air from entering. As an added bonus, these windows will help seal in warm air throughout the frosty winter months.

Change Your Bedding

Getting a comfortable night’s sleep during the summer can prove difficult for people who are sensitive to heat. So, if you or anyone in your household has trouble sleeping throughout the summer months, you may want to consider changing your bedding. For example, while heavy comforters and flannel sheets can be very comfortable in the winter, they aren’t exactly well-suited to summertime sleeping. Plain cotton sheets and light comforters can help prevent you from feeling too warm on those hot summer nights.

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Don’t Cool Unused Rooms

When using your AC, you can effectively confine cool air to your home’s busiest areas by shutting the doors to unused rooms. This will prevent your air conditioner from overexerting itself and needlessly cooling parts of your home that no one is using. As any cost-conscious homeowner will tell you, there’s no sense in cooling empty spaces. Not only will this approach keep your home comfortably cool, it stands to reduce energy cost and reduce your household’s carbon footprint.

Limit Certain Activities to Nighttime Hours

Certain appliances create a tremendous amount of heat. Ovens, washers and dryers are just a few of the big-ticket appliances that can make your home even hotter during the summer. With this in mind, make a point of limiting certain activities to nighttime hours. For instance, unless these tasks absolutely need to be performed during the day, baking and doing laundry are best left until after the sun goes down. Furthermore, if the temperatures in your area cool down significantly during the overnight hours, consider shutting off your AC, opening your windows and using ceiling fans to circulate the cool air from outside once the sun sets.

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Staying cool throughout the summer months can seem like an uphill battle, particularly in parts of the country known for blisteringly hot summers. Although keeping a home consistently cool during the summertime is often associated with high costs, there are numerous ways to keep your residence at a comfortable temperature without breaking the bank. Anyone looking to stay cool without making a dent in their finances should put the previously discussed tips to good use.

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