4 Quirky Unique Design Ideas for Your Backyard

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There are so many fantastic, innovative ideas out there for your backyard to really make it stand out from the crowd. If you are bored with the classic patio, lawn, shed situation in your backyard, we have a few fun ideas to make your backyard look so original and personal to you.


Water Feature

Bringing any kind of water feature into your backyard is instantly going to make it look more interesting. If you have a large area of lawn, for example, that you hardly ever use, how about making a pond with gorgeous plants surrounding it and adding a beautiful water feature like a spillway or water fountain? It will definitely add a lot of interest to the yard and will make it your own personal, serene oasis. To learn about the gorgeous water features that you could add to your backyard, find out more @ kglandscape.com.


Think about what you could do with something before you throw it out. Things like old tins can be made into beautiful planters, or you could make a bird feeder/house out of recycled materials too. Plastic bottles are a fantastic idea for a DIY planter. You could even use some old shoes too! The list is endless with ideas to make a recycled backyard. If you have kids it is such a great activity for them to get stuck into too. You could decorate old broken plant pots together to look like flowers are spilling out of it, or even decorate old drawers/crates that could be used as outdoor shelving or planters too. You would also be doing your bit for the environment by reducing how much waste your household is producing.

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Using mirrors in a backyard could not only make the whole space feel so much bigger, but it can make your backyard look mysterious and so unique. How about using a large antique mirror on your wall or fence? There are also mirrors that have the same look as windows, with the paneling look running through them. Adding a mirror to a yard would be such a gorgeous feature to have. You could even have some ivy running across it to add to the mysterious look.


If you have any paint lying around, why not give your backyard shed a refreshing look? Instead of going all one color, you could make a funky, spots or stripes pattern to really make your backyard look unique and alternative. You could get to work on some old planters you have lying around, or even upcycle some of your old backyard furniture that perhaps looks a bit tired.

Making your backyard unique and personal to you will make you love the space even more. If you are lucky enough to have your own outdoor space, why not make the most out of it by making it look stylish and original. Make sure you look after your backyard, the more care you put into it, the more amazing it will look.

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