Advantages & Disadvantages Of Bedrooms Having Carpets

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If you are getting ready to decorate a bedroom then you are probably wondering whether to use carpets or something else in the space. One of the most common alternatives is hardwood flooring but laminate and other options are available.

The bottom line is that this is a personal decision, any flooring can be used in your bedrooms. However, you may like to know the advantages and disadvantages of using carpet.


There are several great reasons to have carpets in your bedroom:

Array Of Choices

The first thing to consider is the number of different carpets on the market. You can choose deep pile carpets that feel luxurious, simple hardwearing carpets, and an extensive array of choices between these two.

It’s also possible to use carpet tiles which have the added benefit of being easily replaced to eliminate stains and spills. 

Of course, carpets come in an array of colors and patterns, ensuring you will find something that goes with your bedroom. 


Carpets are warm. If you have ever had a hardwood, laminate, or even tiled bedroom floor you will know how cold the floor can be. That may be refreshing in the summer but it is not pleasant in the winter. Carpets don’t have this issue as they are always warm to your feet.

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The thickness of carpets ensures that they add an extra layer of insulation to your house. This helps to keep the room and the house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. That is an important consideration when you have to pay the energy bill.

It isn’t just heat that carpets can help to retain. They also reduce the sounds emitting from the bedroom, which can be a useful bonus. 


You may be surprised to discover that carpet is actually one of the cheapest options currently available. The amount of saving will depend on which type of flooring you are comparing it to. But, using carpet or carpet tiles can be considerably cheaper. 


Carpet is generally scratch-resistant and very capable of putting up with children and pets crawling all over it. This is in direct contrast t most other types of flooring that will instantly be scratched and the scratches will be visible forever. 


There are several disadvantages you should be aware of. 

Harder To Keep Clean

Because carpet has piles it is more difficult to keep clean. Debris and even flea eggs can sit at the bottom of the piles making the caret seem dirty and encouraging a pest issue. You will spend more time cleaning it. However, all flooring needs maintenance, carpets just need a little extra attention. 

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Carpet can be quickly outdated. This shouldn’t be an issue but it is something you should be aware of. It only becomes outdated if you choose a patterned carpet or a distinctive color that will be out of fashion the following year.

OF course, if you choose your carpet wisely this shouldn’t be an issue.

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