The Most Prestigious Italian Furniture Brands Offered by Cavallini1920

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Nothing quite captures the mood and elegance of a quality Italian design furniture, and Cavallini1920 offers a lot many of them; thanks to their association with a number of prestigious brands.

Furniture, if designed artistically, can not only enhance the outlook of a space but also can have a profound impact on mental and physical wellbeing. That’s the challenge for the top furniture designers around the world – experimenting with shapes, colour, and materials to find a harmonious solution to home and business décor. The Italian designers and their top furnishing brands seem to rise to that challenge quite consistently over time.

Annibale Colombo

Diving into these incredible resources found in the most prestigious Italian furniture brands, Cavallini1920 offers the much-celebrated Italian interior design solution for their high profile clients. While they leave no stones unturned in satisfying the needs and tastes of each of their customers, some of the brands in their catalogue are certainly more prestigious than the others. Offering a quality Italian design furniture in each of their collections, some of the main brands offered by Cavallini1920 are:

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B&B Italia

Unlike some of the other well-recognized Italian brands that were established in the 19th century, B&B Italia is a relatively young brand founded in 1966. Yet, they have already managed to place themselves at the pinnacle of modern and contemporary furniture designs. Famous for using high-quality materials in their unmistakable designs, B&B Italia offers a comprehensive range of furniture suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, office spaces, as well as the outdoor spaces such as gardens, balconies, and patios, etc. If you are feeling lucky, you may as well get some B&B Italia furniture collection in Cavallini1920 with competitive prices

B&B Italia


A separate line of B&B Italia, Maxalto offers a collection that perfectly combines the traditional design philosophies with modernity. So, their collection can be termed as “new classic”, distinguished by the magnificent workmanship and the intelligent use of high-quality materials. A testament to Made in Italy promises, each of the chairs, sofas, tables, cabinets, and beds are unmistakably Italian, showcasing a combination of distinctive characteristics, intricate details, and unique tactile surfaces of woods. While their collections of furniture are timeless and elegant, they continue to strive for new innovations with passionate research and creativity.

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In the world of furniture design, time and space is the essence that can relegate any particular design into oblivion. Yet, the design philosophies of Flexform are so advanced and innovative that it often finds itself way ahead of its time. With a focus on intimacy and sophistication, the collections of home and outdoor furniture offered by Flexform accentuates the mood of its owner as well as the shapes and forms of the spaces. You can also blend different styles and create an impressive composition that is totally your own.


In addition to the above-mentioned brands, Cavallin1920 also offers many other luxurious Italian brands such as Longhi, Fendi Casa, Meridiani, Poliform, Valcucine,Rimadesio, and so on.

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