These Top Tips Will Help You to Turn Your Garden into the Ultimate Glamping Site!

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Why go glamping on a site when you can create one in your back yard?

More and more people are opting for in the country staycations for their Summer holidays this year – and really what choice have they had? With travel being limited due to the Covid -19 crisis, we’ve all had to be a little more inventive when it comes to our Summer vacations this year. But what about those who are reluctant about going away, even in their own country?


Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Why pay to go glamping for a couple of days on a public site, when you could use your saved holiday money to turn your garden into one!

Read on for our top tips, which will help you to turn your garden into the ultimate glamping site.

Give Your Garden Some TLC

First things first, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got a healthy and attractive base on which to create your own personal glamping site party, by giving your garden some probably well needed TLC.

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You’ll want to do this by ensuring the lawn is mowed, and all weeds are removed from the garden. Furthermore, if you have pets leaving their mess around – make sure you clean this up. Standing in it accidentally is the last thing you want on your relaxing glamping break.

We would also recommend using any anti – bug treatments on your garden, as this is, after all, where you’re planning to stay the night. Of course trimming your lawn will help to keep these at bay anyway, but taking extra precautions is no bad idea.

You could also consider adding some new plants and flowers into your garden. Just to make it that bit more aesthetically pleasing.

Set Up the Glamping “Sleeping” Area

Whether you’re actually planning on going for the full glamping sleep – out experience, or you’re just planning on having a party that goes on late into the night, you need the sleeping area for the full affect.

If you already have a tent, then great! But think about the perfect tent for affect – such as tee pees and yurts. You can get them fairly reasonably priced online, or alternatively you can actually hire them from glamping companies.

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Plus, because you’ve got the advantage of actually being in your own back yard, why not make the experience all the more comfortable and luxurious by bringing out a guest room mattress or water bed? Make this even better by bringing duvets, pillows, cushions, and all things comfort! The nights are getting colder, after all.

Set Up the Entertainment, and You Have the Ideal Glamping Experience!

Your glamping experience isn’t going to be all that fun if you don’t fill it with entertaining and appropriate outdoors activities, is it? with that in mind, we have some tips to help you with that.

You might not be getting to sit round the pool this Summer (unless you have one, and if so, we’re jealous!), but what’s stopping you purchasing one of these gorgeous wood fired hot tubs? Turn your glamping experience into one of luxury, by introducing a hot tub into the mix!

Only the most exclusive of glamping pod sites actually have hot tubs, so you’re sure to impress your friends by adding this into the mix. Plus, you get to use it year – round, so really, it’s a win – win for you!

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Some more of our ideas that will help to enhance the ultimate glamping experience include:

  • Adorning your garden with LED fairy lights. Nothing makes a space look more magical than some twinkling lights around its’ edges – and better still, they’re practical. You’ll be able to see better!
  • Set up a projector on a material background, and bam, you’ve got an outdoor film night under the stars. Nowadays, you can even do this simply using your phone and Netflix with the right equipment, so look into it.
  • You’ve got to eat, right? With that in mind, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the BBQ set up and ready to grill, and have snacks such as popcorn and sweets going around the party.
  • What is a party without a beverage or two? Opt for garden – friendly plastic wine glasses, and even try making your own cocktail in a dispenser. Your guests will never want to leave!
  • Last of all, but by no means least, introduce a firepit into the garden. There’s nothing nicer than sitting under the stars, toasting marshmallows with your nearest and dearest. Plus, it’ll keep you warm when it gets chilly, and light up the space. Win – win again!

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