Tips for Dealing With an Electrical Emergency

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Experiencing an electrical emergency can be nerve-rattling. However, if you take the proper steps during the emergency, normally, you can avoid any major consequences. 

If you’re considering performing any electrical work or live in an older home, you should always have an emergency electrician you can contact. In the meantime, these are the best tips for dealing with an electrical emergency. 

1. Electrical Fire

An electrical fire can be incredibly dangerous. You should always know what to do in case one breaks out. 

The most important thing to remember is not to use water on an electrical fire. These situations require a household fire extinguisher. After the fire is put out, contact an emergency electrician to repair any damage. 

2. Overloaded Extension Cord

We recommend not overloading any type of extension cord, to begin with. However, if you notice an extension cord smoking, unplug it immediately. 

Don’t grab the cord from the head that’s plugged into the outlet. If possible, use some form of conductor and pull from a few feet down the length of the cord. Dispose of the cord afterward and have the outlet inspected by an emergency electrician. 

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3. Flooding

Flooding in a house can lead to electrical issues if moisture gets inside the walls. This is a potentially dangerous situation that should be met with the right response. 

First, shut off your main water valve. Afterward, make your way to the main electrical breaker and completely cut the power. Be careful if you have water on your hands when you touch the breaker. 

4. Appliance Fires

When appliances catch fire, it can be difficult to keep calm because of how quick things progress. However, it’s important to never manually turn the appliance off or unplug it directly from the wall.

You should always turn off the main breaker and cut power to the entire house. This will avoid any type of fire or electrical problem spreading throughout the duration of the home. 

Whenever any of these situations arise, you should always contact an emergency electrician such as Hilton Electrical. They can assist you in identifying problem areas and making the appropriate repairs. 

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