Tips To Prevent Electrical Hazards During Holidays

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Electricity has been associated with multiple fire accidents globally. Even though people tend to normalize minor electrical problems like malfunctioning light strings, this can be pretty hazardous. No electrical problems should be ignored regardless of how minor it could be.

Experts from Olympic Electrical company advise homeowners on the preventive measures to avoid electrical hazards. Remember, a fault identified early and fixed will not be costly, unlike an unattended Electricals problem. 

Below are some preventative measures to avoid hazards during holidays:

  1. The most common causes of electrical hazards during festive seasons are lights and Electricals’s decorations. It would help extra cautious when installing the electrical decorations to avoid accidents; you want to celebrate, not mourn, amid the festive season. Ensure the decorations are not counterfeit and are safe enough before installing them. Consider reaching out to Electrician Sydney for advice on the ideals lights and decorations.
  2. Before buying the lights, examine the current weather and climate first. This can be a significant problem; consider using waterproof lights to prevent electrical hazards.
  3. People tend to use previous year’s light strings to save money and time for shopping. It is not advisable to use a light string with burnt-off bulbs; replace them with new ones.
  4. Always study the manufacturer’s prior installation of any electrical devices for the holidays. Use the indoor electrical products inside the house to keep fires and shocks. The outside weather may have adverse effects on the indoor products, thus the occurrence of hazards. Manufacturers give you the benefit of color coding indoor and outdoor products for easy identification. If the product is green in color, it is strictly for indoor use. On the other hand, a red marking means the product is universal, ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  5. Always inspect all lights and electrical decorations to prevent electrical shocks. Broken lights, cords, and decors can cause damages to the light strings and, worst of all, result in electrical fires.
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Avoid using damaged lights and electrical decors.

  1. Do not install lots of light strings bulbs end-to-end. Olympic Electrical recommend three only.
  2. After you have purchased the required products, it’s now the installation time. Metal is a significant conductor of electricity; avoid using metal ladders to climb high areas since they can cause fatal electrical shocks. The recommended type of ladder should be either wooden or fiberglass.
  3. Since there is no uniformity in the incoming or outgoing currencies, stay vigilant to avoid electrical shocks and fire accidents. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is an effective protective device; it prevents electrical cabling and receptacles from overheating. It generously guards you against shocks and fires. Short circuits are the common causes of electrical fire and shocks; the ground fault circuit interrupter breaks the circuit if there are imbalances between outgoing and incoming currencies. They play a vital role in detecting ground faults and interrupting risky instances.
  4. Avoid hanging lights close to fire triggers e.g., Candles, heaters, fireplaces, etc. Bulbs are common fire triggers; avoid installing them near papers or significant flammable items.
  5. Christmas trees are exciting decorations; handle them keenly. Avoid metal trees at all costs; they are good conductors of electricity, thus a potential fire trigger and shocks. Consider choosing a fire-resistant tree following Olympic Electrical professional advice.
  6. Avoid stacking and squeezing electrical cablings on massive weights, e.g., furniture, windows etc. This is a common cause of electrical shocks.
  7. Avoid overloading by plugging in multiple electrical decors and lightning; the wires may overheat and fire.
  8. Spotlights play a vital role in illuminating your Christmas is festive decorations. However, during installations, do it in properly- ventilated areas to avoid fire hazards. Please do not install them near flammable materials.
  9. Avoid using nails and Staples for setting up your Christmas trees; they significantly conduct electricity; therefore, they are common causes of electrical shocks and fire. Purchase insulated holders that are ideal for electric work.
  10. Consider using grounded extension cords since they are safe enough for your indoor or outdoor activities. Do not overload them with excessive wattages than recommended; it may result from firing hazards and malfunctioning.
  11. Please do not crush or twist the wires; this will damage the cords, thus the possibility of electrical shocks.
  12. Avoid mounting light strings since these may ruin the cords’ insulation. Poorly insulated cables tend to overheat alot; this is a significant trigger of electrical fires in your or other places.
  13. If you are setting up unique electrical decorations and plugging them in a bulb holder, avoid using multiple decorations on a single strand to avoid overloading it.
  14. Electricity and ordinary candles are the worst combinations and significant causes of fire accidents. It is not recommendable to use regular candles for your decorations; opt for battery-powered candles since they are pretty safe and secure.
  15. Avoid hanging light bulbs loosely in any items for aesthetic reasons; some materials may be flammable. Light bulbs heat up quickly and can therefore cause a fire.
  16. Water and snow can cause fatal shocks if they contact electricity. Consider arranging your cabling and outdoor light strings far from water and snow.
  17. Children are excited over shiny and sparking items; keep the electrical decorations of our children’s reach to prevent electrical hazards.
  18. Light bulbs keep burning off at all times, even amid celebrations. If a light bulb burns off after setting your decorations, do not hesitate to replace it with another one. Besides ruining part of your electrical decorations, empty sockets are extremely dangerous.
  19. Before replacing burnt-off bulbs and fuses, ensure you unplug the light strings to avoid electrical shocks.
  20. It is recommended to put off your lights when sleeping at night or you are away far from home. 
  21. After the Christmas season is over, consider uninstalling the lights to avoid decreasing their shelf life. Prolonged installations may also pose significant electrical risks over time.
  22. Store your electrical decorations in a dry place—distant them from open flames and other sources of heat.
  23. Always purchase a new Christmas tree every season to prevent it from catching fire from light strings. Its freshly green nature and resin on the bottom protect it from fire.
  24. Water the Christmas tree regularly; at least one gallon per day. This will help keep fires away as the tree has absorbed enough water. 
  25. Please do not dispose of wrapping papers by burning them in fireplaces; it may trigger splash fire, causing the other decorations to catch fire, thus causing accidents.
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Final Verdict

If you observe the measures mentioned above, you will be safe from electrical hazards during the Christmas season. Light strings seem all that simple and secure but are notorious causes of shocks and fires. Handle and install them keenly.

Be safe; happy holidays.

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