Top 10 Wooden Wall Decor Ideas

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There are many ways to decorate an empty wall in your house or apartment exquisitely. Today such a style as “rustic” retains its popularity. Its main feature is the use of wood in interior design. It can be either raw material furniture or wooden wall decorations. We will talk about the latter in this article.

Wooden Decor Advantages

Wood is a unique material that has many colors, shades, patterns, and textures. Among its advantages are:

  • Environmental friendliness. You can use it in your interior on any scale without worrying about your health.
  • Uniqueness. You are unlikely to find two branches of the same shape or two trunk cuts with the same pattern. Beech, alder, cherry, walnut, and oak are especially prized for this property.
  • Accessibility. Professional manufacturers and shops offer a huge selection of wood decor. However, you can make your own wall decoration from branches from the forest or a sawn tree in your garden if you wish.

If the material used is properly processed and protected from external influences and parasites, a product will serve you for many years.

Wooden Decoration Ideas

At first glance, wood might seem like a commonplace material found in every home, but it is important to know how to present it correctly. Here are ten awesome wall decor ideas.

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1. Maps

Wooden maps for wall decoration are suitable for living rooms, kids’ rooms, and offices. You can choose a map of a country, region, and even the world. Depending on your interior specifics, you can pick the type of wood so that the selected product fits better into the overall surroundings. If you are an avid traveler or just planning trips to different countries, you can use colorful pins to mark visited or planned places.

2. Photo and painting frames

Frames are not only functional but also decorative things. They kind of complement what is depicted in a painting or photograph, giving it certain completeness. You can purchase several frames of different sizes and make an interesting composition out of them. Some products are so unusual and unique that they are works of art by themselves. If you wish, you can make frames yourself from scrap materials. Take the simplest frame as a basis and decorate it with small twigs found in the forest.

3. Panel

Artists and creators like to work with wood. With certain skills, this material can be processed so as to get a fully wooden picture with an attractive low relief. It can be made of a single piece of wood or stacked from several wooden blocks. Some DIY craftsmen experiment with color and texture and use different types of wood in their work. The unique composition is also achieved by arranging panels at different angles to each other.

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4. Trunk cuts

If you want to draw attention not to a wooden product but wood as such, a large cut of a trunk can be an excellent solution. In addition to the fact that many tree species feature a fascinating inner pattern, some also have an extremely unusual outer contour. To emphasize it, manufacturers do not remove a bark but simply cover the cut with protective materials. A wide circle or oval tree can be the centerpiece of your design.

5. Shelves of unusual configurations

Any shelves are primarily functional. You put books, boxes, and other stuff on them. However, you can also add decorative value to them. Modern stores sell items of unusual shapes that fold into a symbol or can be combined with other decorative elements such as paintings and calligraphy quotes.

6. Entire wall of cuts

To give your home the atmosphere of a “country” house, you can decorate part or even the entire wall with wooden saw cuts. They might be of different textures, thicknesses, and shapes. This technique helps to zone the space and looks really impressive. However, choosing the rest of the interior elements should be done with caution. Otherwise, you risk visually overloading your room.

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7. Clock

Although almost all devices and gadgets now have built-in clocks, some people still prefer analog products in their homes. You can buy ready-made wooden options in stores or get a custom-made item. A clock mechanism can be inserted into almost any base: a perfectly straight cut bar or an unpolished cut of a trunk. Such an element of decor is both functional and attracts attention with its uniqueness.

8. Mirror

There are mirrors in every home. As a rule, most people use them without frames, simply fixing them on walls, or in the form of a mirrored cabinet door, for example. However, you can insert a mirror into a beautiful frame or even a large section of a trunk of an unusual shape and make it the main object of a room. The so-called river or live edge mirrors look incredibly stunning. A mirror sheet is sandwiched between wood panels with raw edges in such products, which creates a fascinating “river” effect.

9. Hangers

Hangers are another functional element of an apartment or house that can be turned into a decorative one. You can easily replace your ordinary boring wooden hanger with a large branch to hang your clothes and bags on. You can also mount a few small twigs perpendicularly on a wall for little things like keys. There are now such pseudo-DIY items in stores, but you can also make them yourself. Most importantly, do not forget to varnish them and use other means that protect against pests.

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10. Lamps

Lighting is an integral part of any space. With wooden lamps of unusual shapes and sizes, you can create a cozy atmosphere. Contemporary artists manage to embed lighting even in blocks of wood. By the way, many decorative elements like world maps, clocks, or panels can also be purchased with built-in LED bulbs of different shades.

Free Your Fantasy

These ten ideas are just a tiny part of how you can decorate any room with wood. Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of finished products, and local craftsmen can create custom-made decor according to any sketch. However, the most important thing about woodworking is making a product that will be the perfect decoration for your room by yourself. We hope our list has given you some creative inspiration!

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