5 Modern Living Room Decor Ideas

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Even though the concept of “modern design” has been around since the early 20th century, it’s still a popular choice when deciding on home aesthetics. It can be tricky, though, to create a look that has modern components that doesn’t look cold and uninviting.

Many interior design firms look to modern design as a jumping off point, incorporating it into already established looks or completely altering a space to make it more enjoyable. Here are five ideas that will help you get the modern look you want without sacrificing the warmth that a living room should have.

modern living room decor

Straight Ahead

One of the most defining concepts behind modern design is the incorporation of clean, straight lines. While the sofa is one of the most expensive pieces in your living room, it can be difficult working around seating that doesn’t fit this aesthetic.

To understand how to match a coffee table to a sofa, it’s important to realize not everything needs to be directly related to these straight lines. Your coffee table can pick up the slack, especially if it has straight edges and planed surfaces. This will contrast your sofa nicely, making it a focal point of the room.

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Neutral Focus

If you based modern design solely on color palette, you’d see it in use in every new home across America. Some contemporary designers dip into muted colors and neutrals to try and please everyone since beige is such an unassuming hue.

However, modern design takes this to a whole new level using greys, whites, greens and browns to draw the eyer to certain areas or furniture. If you want the main focus of your room to be the granite mantle or breathtaking view, using muted neutrals will lead the eye towards your goal.

Make it Pop

Another great way that neutrals help improve the look of your room involves dipping into other types of colors. Creating focal points out of features is one thing, but using bright hues can be used to great effect as well. These splashes of color don’t have to come from furniture, either. Placing a print on the wall or runner along the coffee table will have a similar effect.

red living room



Cleaning things Up

The biggest enemy of modern design is clutter. Having too much in a single space will greatly detract from your intent of crafting clean lines and a sense of space. If you need help, just google “interior designers near me” to get more input on how you can organize your space.

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Lighting the Load

While it may seem a key aspect to modern design is simplicity, this is only part of the story. Having a well-organized area without an overabundance of color or flashiness only really works if there is something to set it off. 

A great way to tackle this while also brightening up the space is to invest in non-traditional lighting. Lamps, chandeliers and other unique light fixtures will give company something to really sink their teeth into.

When attempting a modern aesthetic, remember to keep things simple. As you work towards the perfect room set up, look into local interior design firms who can help give your favorite space the look it needs to feel truly complete!

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