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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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So the time has come. You’re with a few family members enjoying a meal at your favorite restaurant, the topic of a family gathering comes up and you freak out a little. Why? Because everyone at the table knows you just got a new place! Where else would be better to throw a festive family party, than your new home? The inevitable happens, and after a little convincing, you agree. Don’t fret, here are a few ways you can set up your new pad for hosting friends and family members for small and big gatherings. 

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Setting up your Kitchen

Most party situations at home are centralized around the kitchen. People want to be fed, right? So this is a good jumping off platform to get your design project going. Depending on your budget and size the plans will vary, but one thing remains true: it can always be awesome no matter the space available. Start with ensuring your kitchen is functional. Put things in places that seem natural so that guests will be able to easily find silverware and glasses when needed. Next, jazz up the place if you can. Here are some ideas on how to update your kitchen if your head is swimming. Resurfacing your cabinets is a surefire way to add both style and pizzazz to your space. This is a great way to update your look without taking on the burden of completely replacing your cabinetry. 

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Do not fear if your cabinets are beyond resurfacing as there is an affordable option just for you: RTA cabinets. RTA cabinetry is simple cabinets that come unassembled. This greatly reduces shipping costs and labor costs. If you are handy and able to assemble your cabinets yourself, this is the best option to get the absolute best bang for your buck.

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Places to Hangout and Chat Inside

Create a space in your home that is warm and inviting. You want your guests thinking that your couch literally called to them and asked them to have a seat on its luxurious cushions and fabric. If something looks super comfortable, people are more inclined to want to try it out. When it comes to choosing another room, over a cozy living room, those other spaces don’t stand a chance. Just be sure to showcase yourself in the decor and keep things stylish and comfortable for guests to chat with one another. And if there isn’t enough room indoors, let the fiesta flow outside. 

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Cooking, Serving Drinks and Lounging Outdoors

This is where things can get really interesting. You can turn your yard into a wonderful place with the right inspiration. Figure out what calls to you and what fits into your budget, then implement the changes. The placement of outdoor furniture, the addition of a grill and especially an outdoor bar will really get people in the party mood. Yes, a place to serve beer and cocktails outdoors is a real party pleaser. Sitting outside on cool lounge chairs you picked out, with a Tom Collins in hand, catching up with friends and family, is a fun and in regards to the drink, a tasty proposition. A chest full of ice for beer is a simple self serve solution but a dedicated area for a bar is cool too. Being able to serve a few margaritas on a hot night, will have everyone feeling right. 

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Of course, with serving alcohol, especially in a bar-like setting, comes great responsibility. If someone in your family has recently had a successful detox from alcohol use, be sure to provide them with tasty non-alcoholic alternatives. Everyone should have a chance to have fun and not feel left out at your fiesta.

Finally, having some sort of entertainment for guests will really send your party into overdrive. Something as simple as outdoor music can really set the night off right. Take it one step further, and set aside some yard space in which you can play bocce ball, horseshoes or even get a volleyball game going. All of those are fun outdoor games for people to play while drinking and chatting. Hopefully, these tips will help you lose the fear of hosting and get your place together, so friends and family can come over for a fun-filled evening. Bonding makes us closer and who better to bond with than loved ones?

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