How to give your home a spring makeover

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Now we are in the midst of spring, it’s time to think about changing your decor to reflect the season and brighten up your home. This is especially important for landlords who are looking to rent out their properties in the spring and summer months, as it will show tenants that your property is modern and stays up to date with interior trends.

If you’re looking to reflect the spring season in your property, take some inspiration from these top tips to improve the look of your space.

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Update your outside space

Now spring has arrived you will need to brush away the cobwebs on your outdoor furniture, plucking out the weeds and digging out your trusty lawnmower to give your garden a proper spring clean. Start by simply cutting the grass, getting rid of dead plants and planting new ones, and once this is complete, you can start to think about adding some garden accessories.

A great addition to your outside space could be a garden swing or bench, which will offer space to your guests while you host a BBQ.  If you already have one that is looking dishevelled, it may just need re-painting, or you could change up the colour to something brighter.

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If you’re a landlord managing one or more apartment blocks, you may want to install a communal garden if there is space to do so. To help you create a relaxing and sociable outside area, you should turn your attention to RW Invest developments which feature rooftop terraces and shared gardens. These outside spaces not only look great but also offer that extra appeal for potential tenants.




Bring the outside inside

If you have an apartment or own property near the city centre, then more than likely you do not have a garden. Not to worry, as you can bring elements of the garden inside, such as plants, flowes, and botanical-themed ornaments.

When it comes to indoor plants, make sure you choose plants that do not require a lot of sunlight, such as succulents and bamboo. For flowers, you can purchase fresh ones every so often. However, it may be more cost-effective to go with artificial flowers, which will brighten your home throughout spring and summer.



Swap out your curtains

While the winter months permit lighter curtains, as less sun shines in the room, the spring brings early sunrises. This is not ideal when the sun shines in and wakes you up before your alarm goes off. The best way to resolve this is by investing in blackout curtains which will completely block out the sun, allowing you to have a much-needed lie in on the weekends.

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Some people may hate the sunlight waking them up, where others rely on the light to brighten and open up the space. If you have heavy curtains in the bedroom or living room, you may want to swap them for lighter curtain veils or bright-coloured curtains which will allow the light to seep in and enhance the space.

Swap out your curtains

Open up your space

Another way to maximise the space in your property is by adding glass fixtures in each room. This could include changing your doors to glass to allow more natural light into your property, and will also make your home appear more open plan, upgrading it to a more contemporary and stylish residence.

Mirrors are another great way to improve and lighten up your home, especially floor length mirrors which will make any space appear larger and less cramped. This is the perfect addition to a living room, where you can hang a mirror as the focal point, or in the bedroom where it can be used on a vanity table or attached to a wardrobe. 

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