4 Digital Marketing Essentials for Landscaping Companies

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Landscaping is a lucrative business that generated $93 billion in revenue in 2018 alone. This translates to a highly competitive industry in which proper landscaping marketing is absolutely vital. Various online platforms are required to really put a new landscaping company on the map. Here are four digital marketing essentials for any landscaping company in 2019:

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Develop Your Website

Websites have rapidly evolved from virtual bulletin boards for displaying information to digital manifestations of corporate personas. The purpose of a website is to convert visitors into customers, and there are various ways to achieve this goal. First of all, the website must be easy to navigate and visually captivating enough to maintain a visitor’s attention. The slightest frustration can cause a potential client to click away. In addition to displaying a portfolio of past projects, contractor website design is about embodying a landscaping company’s voice, vision and style. Reviews and testimonials can make you seem more trustworthy and client-centered. Your logo should feature prominently in an effort to leave it embedded in a visitor’s mind. The most important feature of your website, however, is the contact information (repeated throughout the site) that will enable you to transform visiting prospects into long-term clients.

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Have a Powerful Social Media Presence

Almost every digitally literate person is involved with social media today, be it in frequent or infrequent doses. As a result, social media is widely recognized as one of the most effective contractor marketing channels out there. It is absolutely vital to have at least a Facebook page for reminding people of your existence and displaying your best work. A social media account can also allow a company to develop a more personalized voice and reach out to individuals or forge strong relationships with clients. Remember that creating accounts on social media is not enough to receive any recognition — these accounts must remain active! Keep your social media buzzing by sharing relevant content, be it blog posts or videos. And don’t forget to request that your followers “like” your content!

Land a Few Listings

There are a few listing sites that are renowned for the online traffic they receive. Houzz, HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List are some of the most popular listing sites — but the list goes on. People tend to flock to these websites to search for trustworthy service providers, and having your company among those listed can increase your chances of getting hired. Keep your profile updated with your latest images and information, and ask a few satisfied clients to leave positive reviews on the site. Paying close attention to your presence on each and every online platform will enable you to make the most of these marketing channels.

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Use Email (It’s More Effective Than Ever)

Despite the rapid evolution of technology and the internet, direct mail is as effective a marketing channel as it has always been. Research has shown that an overwhelming number of consumers open promotional emails without hesitation, as it may save them the effort of actively searching for products and services that they might need. While elaborate newsletters can be distributed to long-term clients to keep in touch, short postcard-like emails that display your company’s logo and a list or explainer of your services can be sent to members of your ideal clientele.

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