Common Situations for Which You Need a Plumber

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Plumbing problems usually arise from time to time in many houses. If you don’t know much about the plumbing system in your house, it’s highly recommended that you avoid tinkering with it. Instead, make sure to call an experienced plumber to take care of the problem for you. There are a number of different companies that offer emergency plumbing services, so you can get in touch with them and make an appointment. Hiring a plumber seems overkill to most people, who are under the impression that small issues can be resolved without any expertise or skill.


That’s a big risk, because there’s a chance that you will end up inflicting more damage on the plumbing fixture in your attempt to fix it. There are many situations that might arise from time to time where you will need to hire a plumber in Northcote. Here are just a few of the many common situations for which you should call a plumber.

Boiler Issues

Boilers are most commonly found in different houses and are designed to heat up the water during the winter months. It’s recommended that you maintain the boiler properly, as problems are going to arise from time to time. For instance, if the boiler stops heating up the water, you will need to call a plumber. It might be an issue with the connections or the boiler may need repairs. Boiler issues are incredibly common, and it’s highly recommended that you avoid tampering with them on your own. Always let a professional handle the issue.

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Leaking Faucets

Similarly, leaking faucets are also a major problem. If the faucet is leaking, it’s going to affect your water bill as well. The problem is usually caused due to a damaged rubber, or the internals of the faucet might become loose. If you don’t know how to remove the faucet from the wash basin, there’s no point in tampering with it. Always call a professional plumber to remove the faucet and then install a new one in its place. If the faucet can be repaired, the plumber will do that for you as well.

Drain Blockage

The drain pipes can get clogged due to any number of reasons. If you are not careful about the things that you throw in your drain pipe, there is a risk of blockage. Drain blockages are difficult to clear out because most people cannot figure out where exactly the blockage lies. If you notice the pace of the water slowing down as it drains from your toilets, it’s a clear sign that water is getting stuck somewhere.

When you call a plumber, they are going to first check for the point of leakage. Micro cameras are probably going to be used to determine where the blockage lies and then apply a fix. It’s important that you call a plumber right away, because if the blockage continues to increase, there will come a point where the entire pipe will burst due to the pressure.

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Drain Blockage

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