Unconventionally God’s Loftstory project in Netherlands

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If you’ll ever pass through the village of Haarlo, The Netherlands, maybe you should go and see the God’s Loftstory project, a converted church completed by the Dutch architectural practice Leijh, Kappelhof, Seckel, van den Dobbelsteen Architecten.

This unique loft used to be a Dutch Reformed Evangelism Building. A lot of genuine details remained as the basis for the new design, such as the wooden roof construction, the old panel doors, the arch windows with stained glass, all being refurbished. The main steps were: strip, isolate and furnish. The concept matched the owner’s motto: “Cherish your inner child; remain pure, playing, exploring and a little bit naughty!”

The idea was to preserve the space and to minimize the demands. The additions consist in the mezzanine for the relaxation room and the multifunctional stairway for fun.

What you’ll find here is a lot of creativity, humor, passion, respect and love, meaning all the lovely feelings that exist.


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