Tastefully Malibu Residence by Fernanda Marques Arquitectos Associados

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In order to be an interior designer, you must have imagination and skills. We often try in vain to make our houses look at least nice on the inside by consulting magazines and peaking on the internet, but the result is not satisfying.

From now on, we know on whom to call when we need to decorate our house.  The Sao Paulo-based studio Fernanda Marques Arquitectos Associados has transformed the Malibu Residence into a piece of art by bringing all these incredible things together, things you can see in the pictures below.

This luxury duplex apartment located in Malibu, California, impresses by a lot of precious details. Take for example the glass stairs that create an amazing effect, complimenting the whole space. Not to mention the vivid colored paintings that save the house from the standard color monotony.

Enough with the talking just enjoy the pictures. Hope you’ll find some inspiration here!

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