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This complex of beach-houses was designed by Seijo Peon Arquitectos on the waterfront offered by the ocean at San Bruno, Yucatan, Mexico. The entire property spans over 3484 sq ft of sandy terrain and a couple with four daughters wished to have a house for each one of them. The entire complex has a total of 10 bedrooms, four of them being placed in the main house. The bungalows have two bedrooms each and their own social areas too.

The unique approach of the architects was to create a view to the ocean for each separate house. The first plan was to have a main house facing the ocean and the three bungalows behind. This idea took into consideration the fact that even if they were built towards the water, the neighbors might have buildings constructed in the future that would block the view. However, the staff at Seijo Peon Arquitectos opted for a diagonal placing of the main house and bungalows and orthogonal volumes that leave enough viewing space for the structure behind.

Curved lines create a fluid aspect to the exterior of the houses offering not only a view toward the ocean, but also visual connection to the other rooms. The wood terraces of each building serve as entrances. The great curved walls also have a double purpose: to create a maximum of privacy for each dwelling, as well as very good air flow.

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Though the exterior aspect of the houses do resemble marine elements like shells or waves, the architects were clearly lead to these shapes by the goal to give each house a good view.

Photos by Tamara Uribe Manzanilla

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