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This award-wining property is set in Metchosin, British Columbia, and it was designed by Marko Simsic Architect. It’s priced at $17,500,000 Canadian dollars and in 2007 it received the National Canadian Architect Award.

The 8,300-sq-ft contemporary home has 8 bedrooms, 8 baths and a beautiful view of the ocean. It is strongly connected to the Canyon River that carries spent water from the ocean to the sea. This natural flow of water is used for the energy it creates that ends up in the heating and cooling system of the house. However, from the esthetic point of view, the stream of water creates drama for the interior design.

From the outside, this house appears as a mixture of shapes, textures, and spaces unified by the non-linear roof. Spaces were devised independently, but are also connected visually by bridges and balconies. There are a lot of glass walls, even entire glass rooms, but also quite a lot of windows and semi-transparent walls framed by panels of wood boards, like the one roofing the pool.

As a total, this is a 68-acre property features a professional tennis field, a swimming pool, boathouse, a guest house, caretaker house, and a workshop completely equipped for servicing cars. The owners have complete control over the technologies inside the house via Internet.

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