Top Reasons To Install A Flyscreen at Home

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Heather Jones
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Flies are a nuisance. As the weather warms up they come out in force and have a habit of buzzing very close to your face. No one knows if they do this on purpose or not. You can keep them out of your house with flyscreens on your windows and doors. Here is why you should.

Additional Security

Cheap flyscreens don’t offer an additional level of security. But, if you choose high-quality flyscreen doors and windows you will notice they are made with metal wires. This doesn’t just keep the flies out, it also acts as a deterrent to criminals, ensuring they don’t target your house when there are easier ones to tackle.

Flies Carry Diseases

The simple fact is that flies carry disease. In fact, they can carry a wide array of diseases, some of which can be deadly. Flies carry bacteria on their feet. That means every time they land they leave some of the bacteria behind. 

Flies land on any surface that they think may be food, including your kitchen work surfaces and even your actual food. In the process, they can transfer these bacteria which you then consume.

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But, you should also consider the fact that flies have a liquid diet. When they land on something they use feelers in their feet to assess if it is food or not. If it is they spit acid onto the food which quickly dissolves it and create a liquid that the fly can suck up.

As they have a liquid diet they also have liquid feces which are eliminated almost continually. Of course, these are too small to see but the fly feces will get everywhere, including on the food you eat.

A good flyscreen keeps the flies out, preventing any of this from happening. 

Avoid Stains

Flies prefer dark spots where they can hideaway. That means they are likely to sit in dark corners of your home or even n your wardrobe and clothes drawers. Unfortunately, they will often leave small stains on the clothes where they are sat. These can actually be difficult to remove and are very frustrating. 

Other Insects

Flyscreens don’t just keep flies out. They have a fine mesh and are capable of keeping most insects and other pests out of your home. All you have to do is monitor the screens to make sure they are not damaged. If they do become damaged then you need to repair them or replace them as quickly as possible. This will keep the flies outside your home and allow you to enjoy your personal space.

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With flyscreens in place, you will be able to sit with your family and relax, without fear of being bitten or anything else. This level of confidence encourages quality family time which is essential to all families. In short, a good quality flyscreen can actually help you to bond better as a family. That is an impressive reward for a small amount of outlay. 

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