Top Signs That It Is Time To Update Your Entry Door

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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The entry door is the most important doorway in your home. Not only is it the first thing that most visitors see, but it is also the main point of defense against intruders and unwanted visitors. If it fails, you will be forced into a home defense situation. 

In other words, your entry door needs to look good and be in good condition to ensure it fulfills its responsibilities. Don’t forget that your entry door should also be well insulated to keep the warmth in your home and reduce your energy bills. 

No matter how good your door is, even if you got one of the best Parkwood doors currently available, you need to know when it is time to replace it 

It Is Damaged

The most obvious sign that your entry door needs to be replaced is when it is damaged. We are not talking about a few scratches but significant damage. This includes large dents, worn wood, and even holes starting to appear. At this stage, it is obvious and inevitable that you need to replace the door. 

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Don’t forget that a damaged door looks weaker to any thief, making your house a more likely target which is not something you want. 


All entry doors age and will eventually need to be replaced. However, the durability of the door will be seriously affected by the conditions where you live. Extreme weather that batters the door n a regular basis will cause it to age much faster. Once you start seeing stress lines and even cracks appearing in your door you know it is time to start looking at new entry doors. In general, these are expensive to replace. The more notice you have the easier it will be to afford the entry door you really want 


Whether you have just moved into a house or have lived there for years, there will be a time when you are fed up with the existing entry door. At that stage, you can replace it, regardless of the condition it is in. At this stage, you will be replacing it for aesthetical benefits rather than for a specific reason.

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However, this can have a positive effect on the curb appeal of your home. If you are thinking about selling your home then a new entry door can make it appear much more attractive and make it easier to find a buyer. 

Energy Efficiency

Modern entry doors are significantly more energy-efficient and better for the environment than the older versions. If you are losing a lot of warm air around your door you are likely to make a significant saving by changing the entry door. 

However, if your door is in good condition you need to consider where it will go after it has been replaced. The best option for the environment is to recycle it.

Inefficient entry doors can also allow a greater buildup of moisture and condensation inside your home. This can lead to mold issues that are detrimental to your health. In this instance, it is best to change them as quickly as possible.

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