Traditional Thai YAK01 House by Ayutt and Associates Design


The YAK01 House is a modern construction located in Bangkok, Thailand that was designed by Ayutt and Associates Design. It features 560 sq. m of private land and 500 sq. m of usable internal space and it was specially created for a small modern family. Even though the space is limited, the owners wanted a home with sun shades, rain protections and a large greenery area for relaxation.

It’s an L-shaped house just because they wanted to increase the usable space and the green area. The north side of the house is covered with glass in order to receive natural sunlight because the northern sunlight is the least intense in Thailand.

Because the main concern of the architect was to keep the building cool during daytime, he positioned the swimming pool in parallel with the construction to draw cool air inside.

Following the traditional Thai architecture, the master bedroom was designed in a cubic shape to provide shading to the residence.

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