Transform Your Empty Nest into a Worthy Spare Room

Transform Spare Room

It’s something every parent dreads — their beloved baby packing up their things and leaving home. It’s a natural part of life, but it still stings to see their bedroom vacant and lonely.

Rather than dwell in depression, why not turn the situation into something positive? After all, you now have a free room to convert into just about anything. With that in mind, take back your teenager’s lair and transform it into one of the following valuable spare room ideas.

Transform Spare Room

Craft Room

Convert your teen’s old bedroom into a multipurpose craft room so you can bring out your creative side without taking over the living or dining room. While you can choose any theme you’d like, a Boho style works great for a true DIY vibe.

To start, find a large, rustic desk to hold all your stationary machines. You’ll want one that’s at least five feet long to give you room to work on multiple projects at once. Storage and organization are a must for a craft room, so consider adding shelves, rods and a pegboard to the walls to hold all your gear and make it easy to quickly access these and other items.

craft room

Workout Room

If you’ve been wanting to lose 20 pounds for the last 20 years, you may now finally have the chance. The first step will be to add the proper flooring that’s comfortable and easy to clean. Interlocking rubber mats are an affordable, hassle-free solution you can install yourself. Another option to consider is adding a floor-length mirror to the wall. This lets you see your technique so you don’t hurt yourself.

Killer tunes are also key for slaying your goals, so install a speaker system that lets you blast your favorite music. Finally, all that’s left is the equipment. Choose a mix of dumbbells, mats, resistance bands and cardio machines for a versatile experience.

Workout Room

Reading Lounge

Give yourself a cozy place to unwind with a great book when you turn your teenager’s room into a reading lounge. It’s absolutely essential to have a comfortable couch, chair or chaise to lounge on while you’re discovering new worlds. Add plenty of plush pillows and soft blankets to invoke a snug vibe, too.

Bookshelves are also a great addition here, as they let you show off your collection and provide more reading material for when you finish. You may even want to add a small electric kettle and tea cart so you can get a warm refill on demand.

Reading Lounge

Guest Bedroom

Do you need a reliable place for guests who want to spend the night? Unfortunately, your teen’s neon wall color and kitschy furniture probably won’t do the trick.

If that’s the case, rehaul the space with all new, modern furniture. Opt for a bed with storage, as this will allow you to hide linens and pillows you don’t have room for. Include a nice armchair for resting, as well as a reading lamp and desk in case your guests want to get a little work done. To finish things off, choose a paint color that’s soothing and pleasant, such as light blue or warm gray.

Guest Bedroom

Take Advantage of This New, Valuable Space

Repurposing your teen’s old room is a great way to take away some of the heartache you feel when they first head off on their own. Plus, it gives you a valuable new space that you can tweak to your heart’s content.


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